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When flying we are subjected to many messages aimed at guiding our behaviour. It seems there are many things we cannot bring on board the plane, and when we are there we must fasten our seatbelts, stow our tray tables, turn off our electronic equipment, keep our window blinds up and so on. Generally everyone conforms to these requests, so is it time we were treated differently? Is there a time for the end of safety demonstrations and the assumption of prior knowledge … or some other system to make sure those who need the message receive it, and the rest of us can be informed of only the new or unexpected? What do you think?

Tagged M is Frizz’s challenge this week … or was that last week?

19 thoughts on “tagged M: message

  1. I may be being a little cynical here, but I wonder how much of the message is aimed at us for us to actually listen to, and how much of it is just said so that if something goes wrong the company can say “I told you so” and not be sued. 🙂

  2. Maybe they should do pop quizzes before they feed the flyers to make sure they listened! LOL (just joking!)…get a question wrong and you don’t get your teeny pack of pretzels

  3. a medley of messages that bombard us whether on or off board. Makes me not attend to the important ones

  4. I think we all tend to zone out. We are bombarded ALL the time. I noticed some of your commenters mentioned leaving Facebook. I never joined, although for a while I was feeling “left out”. Now I’m happy that I never went that route. So much information, all the time. Makes you wonder how an important message could get through. Like you said .. what if the airline wanted to tell you something new. Would anyone be listening?

    • exactly! i use FB to play scrabble with some friends… we have played for years so i dont want to lose touch with them … but i never read the posts … just play the game 🙂

  5. Christine, what part of the geography of Austraila do you live? I’m wanting to check that on my globe. Pardon, I think I’ve asked this before and you have replied. This time I will make a special note of it. It seems the Universe and I am in some sort of new agreement and it is surprising me all the time responding to my desires. You might never know when I might show up in Australia. I don’t, but Universe does.

  6. Unfortunately, they are a necessity. I reckon the seasoned travellers would be the worst violators – the aircraft communication pipeline would be jammed in an instant with all those business people yakking on their mobile phones during takeoff and landing. And I don’t fancy someone lighting up next to me because they “didn’t know”

  7. We are captive message audiences, on planes and off. Off planes there’s not much we can do about it but off, we get to choose, we just need to engage our brains. Other than WordPress, I’m a sometimes FB user and I only read/watch enough news to get by. When we aren’t in the city days, weeks go by without the TV going on. And yes, well, you are familiar with our country internet situation but the big aerial we attached to the TV antenna does give us 3G phone and data coverage when hooked up with the patch lead to the new Telstra branded “rural network friendly” 4G smartphones.

    • so true, but we can choose not to tune in, as you say … we gave up watching the news ages ago … so glad to hear your aerial is working elladee 🙂 …. i am glad to be home again, but hopefully we can say hello next time we are in sydney!

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