Circles and Curves

These photos are all from my last download, the trip away to Queensland for my yoga training, and trip back home again through Canberra. I really disliked the feeling of the Gold Coast, all new concrete structures, curving roads, curving buildings, curving roofs, no natural materials in sight. The “lakes” were dead-looking muddy water, far from tidal cleansing. Houses, buildings and paving covered the land (the original swamp lands were drained and converted in to man-made waterways and artificial islands for prestige housing) except for designated open space, where drainage canals doubled as “ponds” with water plants and a few birds. It feels horrible to me but obviously many people love it as it is Australia’s 6th most populous city. This post suits Cee’s Circles and Curves challenge perfectly!

Other curves in this post tell a little of my flying experiences, all very pleasant and peaceful, especially the flight from Gold Coast to Sydney when I was seated between two really lovely men, who chatted to me about their lives, and shared their lunch with me too …. since our pilot had to make his own fancy curves weaving inland to escape some huge storm cells powering along the coast. After our ballet moves through the air the seatbelt sign finally went off and food and water could be delivered by the staff, but only to those who had pre-ordered. In no time at all they were scuttling along the aisles gathering our rubbish as the plane came down to land at Sydney. The gentleman on my right excitedly showed me his house as we flew right over it, before doubling back to land in beautiful Sydney.


12 thoughts on “Circles and Curves

      • Thank goodness for that! They’ve done a bit of that up on the Sunshine Coast (our little university, for instance, is a la Glenn Murcutt with lots of corrugated iron and lazy roads between sweeping banks of trees) but thankfully things are much more messy and natural up there (or, I hope they still are!!!).

        • i believe they are but have not been to look …. Sunshine Coast is a real place, not manufactured by concrete trucks …. i will come up to check it out one day … when we were on the north coast last time and walking in the Border Ranges NP S refused to go to the coast beyond Byron, but stayed inland out of sight of the new stuff 🙂

  1. I’m always going to choose the natural ones, Gladesville with its little inlets and of course the waterlilies. Sounds like a nice flight the other week, I love those little encounters!

    • we lived very close to Gladesville long ago (1971) so it is fun to look down and imagine all that …. so happy to hear you are enjoying my teacher … i am really glad to have been there despite the environment …. had another breakthough with him … the most humble man i have ever met 🙂

  2. I love curves, circles, spirals … and I LOVE noticing them in everyday life. This post rocks!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my site/blog on launch day, for commenting and following.

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