Australian Ravens Nesting

Nesting time is July to November, so the large and glossy Australian Ravens are hunting for nest material. We had a delivery of firewood a few weeks ago, including logs of stringy bark, the perfect thing for lining the untidy bowl of sticks constructed high in a tree by the Ravens. Today we saw a pair carrying bark into an open area in front of the house, where they proceeded to shred it as best they could. With an overcast sky and late afternoon light we were lucky to capture a few good shots, as the Ravens worked vigorously on the bark. They used a foot to hold it down while tearing it with their beaks, working together to break up the large sections. Please enjoy the photos!

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There is another Raven image in this post, scroll to the end:

16 thoughts on “Australian Ravens Nesting

  1. I just love these. The picture called ‘Ready to Fly’ looks like the bird has a big bushy moustache! Wonderful fun pictures.

    • thank you dear francine, i do value your blessings and encouragement, and send the same to you, we can never have enough in these difficult times 🙂

  2. Images that reminds us that the most simple things in life are the most beautiful. That images of life and nature are there everyday just waiting to dazzle our heart. I pasted my comment from your last share. Just my way of telling you you are in our thoughts and prayers. “I wish and pray that you will get well soon. I pray that your friend will have a miraculous cure if not, to feel no pain and suffering, to be surrounded by family and friends and their love for him. Everyday, I hear of death and sickness among family and friends. I wish I too could be there physically with them. I wish you a safe trip and your family. We will all be here waiting when time permits for you to share. For now, your friend needs you. God bless you my friend”

    • when they picked up the shredded bark they looked at each other, then threw it down again and shredded some more until they were satisfied …. it seems the bark feel in the beak was the clue .. clever birds!

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