Box Cutting Rainforest Walk

Earlier this week I enjoyed an exploratory walk with local fungi expert Teresa van der Heul, organised by South Coast Marine Society. The ten participants learnt about Fungi Map, an attempt to gather and map specimens of fungi all over Australia  We were given detailed sheets to fill out with information about the fungi we would collect. Box Cutting Rainforest Walk is just north of Narooma, accessible by some good unsealed roads. Right at the entry to the track beautiful shelf fungi adorned the bollards! Immediately we were amongst very tall old Spotted Gums (Corombia maculata), the biggest at least 300 years old.


After learning a few preliminaries about how to collect a specimen we made very slow progress down into the gully. There was so much to see on both sides of the path. We took turns attempting photographs, with cries of “Oh no, my card is full!” or “There goes the battery …” but my problem was simply getting the camera to use its macro setting. Of course this has happened before, but now I feel as if I need to switch to the Canon Eos and buy a macro lens. I do keep promising myself, every time I drool over one of Mike’s photos. I make no attempt to name anything in this post, except for the Mini Pingpong-bat fungus, apparently things are not simple in the fungi world. Oh yes, the Phallus indusiatus whose photo I posted earlier can also be named.

This is the one I took home to study. Having almost completed all the measurements and filled out the form I am about to send it to the Fungimap office. Already I have agreed to fungi walk next week with a friend nearby!

14 thoughts on “Box Cutting Rainforest Walk

  1. That’s a gorgeous patch of forest, Christine. It’s consoling to know there are still such treasures tucked away at the end of unsealed roads around the country. I love the idea of taking a walk with a purpose, and all the new things, and people you’ll meet along the way. 🙂

  2. A lovely and interesting way to take a walk. The pingpong bat fungi are excellent, and I love the little red cap beauty. Box Cutting Rainforest walk is a beautiful place, and with all the fairytale funghi, I’d be hoping to see some fairies 🙂

    • you know elleadee, i saw one on Friday, in the garden here, out where the kangaroos graze … i was going to show the three year old but she was busy in another direction … perhaps next time 🙂 i completely forget to look when int he gully, i was so entranced by the ferns and fungi, and all the camera challenges!

  3. How interesting! And I think your photos are great…but I do understand the feeling. Every now and again when I just can’t seem to take the photo as I want to, I do envy a little better equipment! 🙂

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