Art on Lord Howe Island

Our visit to the island in December was to celebrate the first Art Trail, organised by Ginny Retmock, of Mary Challis Cottages. Ginny paints and dyes fabric, making vivid table cloths, bags, scarves, sarongs and so on for island visitors to enjoy.

Ginny Retmock, artist, hostess and organiser!

Ginny Retmock, artist, hostess and organiser!

Other artists on the trail were Izak with his amazing photography of surf, wildlife, and nature using waterproof housing for his cameras to capture images in the waves, and under the water. Pop over to his site for a big thrill! Izak is also chef at Arajilla resort, where we had a really sensational meal, thanks Izak :).

Izak, surf photographer extraordinaire!

Izak, surf photographer extraordinaire!

Ginny had Woodhen signs made to mark the trail …. a family group was found outside each venue.IMG_7864IMG_7852

Next stop on the trail for me was Seaspray Art Studio with water colourist Noelle Hoffman. Her delicate works range through landscape, birds and flowers, all beautifully depicted.

Seaspray Art Studio

Seaspray Art Studio

I pedalled further along the road to a hidden shangri-la, where Vicky and Ken were showcasing their works. Vicky prints her designs on tea towels and clothing, while Kenny Lees, an intrepid adventurer, has a mavellous portfolio of images. They were also offering tea, coffee and raspberry muffins … I was wishing I was hungry!

Vicky Busteed and Kenny Lees

Vicky Busteed and Kenny Lees

From there I cycled with a firm grip on the brakes down Heartbreak Hill to find Little Urchins, a fresh and exciting duo of clothing, bag and purse makers. The key to their success is good design and fabulous fabrics! I bought a colourful tiered skirt for my granddaughter, a hair elastic, and a forties style fabric coin purse …. all unique and bold.

part of the Little Urchins display

part of the Little Urchins display

What I was actually doing all day (when not visiting the artists) was helping a little at Stuart’s art workshops. He had a morning and an afternoon session, using the tables and facilities at Ned’s Beach. You might see charcoal, pastel, reed pen and ink in the following photos. Everyone had a wonderful time, and we have been invited back again next year. Yay!!!IMG_7849 IMG_1616 IMG_1610 IMG_1608


12 thoughts on “Art on Lord Howe Island

  1. So may talented people! Sadly in the UK artists and crafts people are struggling because of the constant influx of cheap junk from China – throwaway stuff for our throwaway society.

    • Ginny had a huge painted umbrella too … it sold to someone who lives on the island, i am so glad you looked at Izak’s work, what a very lovely humble and talented young man!

    • yes it was fun martin, we are so fortunate to have the opportunity …. when you fancy an island getaway with no hotels and fancy shops, this is worth considering 🙂

  2. I can only hope the resurgence of crafted rather than manufactured continues. Seeing people working and living their art is a good thing – I have a friend who is part of an art trail in n/w NSW, and I think desite being a long standing artist, it has assisted her to own her work and life, and celebrate it.

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