Rainy Day Beach

high tide morning

high tide morning

Rainy morning, high tide, water flowing into the lagoon, rain showers send us home for cover.

afternoon low tide

afternoon low tide

A gap in the showers meant I could get back to the beach in the late afternoon. Seagulls still feasting, colours all silvery.

gulls and cormorant at water's edge

gulls and cormorant at water’s edge

14 thoughts on “Rainy Day Beach

  1. Christine,

    I want to be there. And then I read again your words and experience your images, and I am there. Feeling the salty wind on my face. Right there. Magic.

    Thank you.


    • glad to transport you … quicker than international trave and much easier … we are one with nature who can restore us all if we care to look and listen .. i really appreciate your voice Tom ๐Ÿ™‚

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