Before Sleep


In his latest newsletter Richard Miller says

“Please join me as you head into sleep each night to take time, as I do, to welcome unresolved moments left over from your day by inquiring, “When, where and how today was I not in harmony with myself and with what life wanted of me?” Then entertain actions that you can take that will allow you to feel in harmony with yourself, and life. In so doing I find that memory releases and I can step away from the factory of thinking and ease into the heartfelt feeling of Being that is always waiting patiently, but that we all too often ignore. Then feel your heart essence give way to the felt-sense presence of your very Being that is spacious, timeless, perfect, complete and whole, just as it is. As I abide as Being, velvety warm feelings of love and gratitude surge through and pervade my body. All sense of separation falls away and I open into feeling my non-separation with all of life. Abiding as the heartfelt deliciousness of undivided Being, gratitude and love, the body and mind can then ease, as mine does, into deep and restful sleep.”

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9 thoughts on “Before Sleep

    • i have just signed up for a five day course next march …. i have been following richard miller since 2006, so i am glad he is finally holding some training out here!

  1. Those words “the factory of thinking”… oh yes. We do well to remember each day, and in between!, to give it up to the Universe and ask for ‘highest good no harm be done’… 🙂

  2. Unresolved moments… Wow Christine, there are always so many but they certainly don’t stop me from getting to sleep. Perhaps the key is recognising among those things that remain outstanding at the end of a day which ones are beyond your ability to resolve or outside of your control and thus pass them off as DSTD (day staff to deal). This approach usually works for me.

    If, on the other hand, I do have something that I am responsible for that needs resolution I’ll formulate a way forward before trying to go to sleep. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does the application of sense and logic provides resolution in itself allowing comfortable sleep. My job has some serious security considerations but a sensible approach to each issue and carefully chosen actions will resolve a multitude of issues.

    And the biggest thing, the most important is… Trust in your fellow employee. Inner peace, I believe, comes from outer peace. The confidence that you and your colleagues are able to meet the needs of the job means that you don’t take sleep reducing stress home with you.

    ps – love that flower – Campion?

    • hi martin, a rich and thoughtful response, and i agree 100% with you, inner peace and outer peace is inseparable … i like your idea of DSTD!!! flower is chickory, such an amazing blue and usually overlooked …. 🙂 christine x

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