Golden Orb Weaver fishing in Vanuatu

A travel story in this weekend’s Traveller begins with a Golden Orb Weaver tale. The chief of the Futuna tribe asks a tour group seated at the edge of the jungle if someone would like to hold the family pet …. and yes, it is a Golden Orb Weaver spider. A child agrees, drops the spider and disaster is just averted as the hapless arachnid is rescued.

The spiders are cherished by the people on the island of Efate, valued for the strong shiny web they weave.  The thick sticky shiny web is gathered onto a paddle shaped frame. “It reflects the sun,” the young chief says. “When we’re out in the boat, we put it close to the water and small fish jump and stick to it. We take the small fish and use them to catch bigger fish.”

large female golden orb weaver, Bingie Dreaming Track

Here is my  previous post about Golden Orb Weavers near us.

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