Blue Water Patterns

Today feels like the beginning of life returning after a few challenges …. the stitches are out of my mouth, the sun is shining, the sea is fabulously blue.

Sunlight shone in the waves, colours dancing as the water lifted, rolled and fell,

a myriad shades of blue and green shifting in three dimensions

tumbling and splashing onto the shore, droplets like diamondsย ricochetingย from the frothy edge

and finally just a lacey rippling lattice of sunshine receding gently.

44 thoughts on “Blue Water Patterns

    • thank you ronnie, almost back to normal, a few weeks holiday coming up and hoping the weather stays warm and clear … sunshine works miracles doesn’t it?

  1. Christine, I was just in the process of doing my FB on “World Oceans Day” – there was so much in words and pictures about it, especially on National Geographic, with emphasis on clean-up and preservation! Then came your post with beautiful photos of your own ocean. I added your post to my FB. Hope you don’t mind!

    Here’s gen’l info: June 8th brings about a day to change our thinking, perspective, and actions around the oceans: World Oceans Day. WOD is a UN marked day, celebrating the oceans that give us life. WOD is organized by the Ocean Project, an international collaboration of aquariums, zoos, conservation orgs, and museums.

    • hello sue, well i have to confess i am not very clever with the camera although i will be having a lesson this week … i just used Auto … but i have studied those waves for a long time and know what i want to capture … the light in the water … so happy you liked it!

  2. Whew! Now that is one refreshing, cool, perfect Summer post. I felt like diving in, enjoying the fun waves and feeling the playful waters beneath my feet. Have a great weekend.

  3. Great to hear that you are feeling so much better, Christine – like you’ve been roiled in those waves and are now in that lively clear, calm water.

    • thanks dawne, we are both back in form thank goodness, although S has a way to go to recover strength in his right leg …. good to hear from you ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. These water photos are wonderful, refreshing, beautiful . . . I just want to dive in and let the waves wash over me. You did a superb job of capturing the essence of water! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. A million shades of green and blue and it looks so inviting to swim. My favourite is the last with the dappled sunlight so sparkly and vibrant ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hmmmm…….seems your camera gives birth to poetry too. I’ve looked at the model you are fabulous with, and I have not yet seen the poetry button……must be coming from you. Beautiful! Also the sound of those wave are my most favorite sounds in the world. This is instant meditation for me.

  7. Oh, and look how clear the water is! Magical morning walking on the beach – I can smell it, and hear it, and feel the sand between my toes – or maybe I can’t. Is is cold?

    So glad to hear you’re feeling more like yourself again Christine. That’s great news:)

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