Frog in the Toilet

People in dry country areas are used to frogs making their home in the pool of water in the toilet. For many years we have enjoyed one, two or three frogs living in the yoga barn loo. This causes screams of surprise from yoga practitioners as they flush, and the frog is washed out from under the rim, down into his pool. Today I was cleaning up in preparation for a young Wwoofer coming to stay with us for a fortnight. He will be using that semi-outdoor bathroom, so it needed a good sweep and wipe. Ah hah, I thought, I will grab the camera and try to capture a shot of the frog as I flush the toilet. Sure enough, one energetic fellow was flushed down and here he is!

Litoria dentata enjoying the waterfall in the loo!

Litoria dentata enjoying the waterfall in the loo!

Don’t worry, the frogs go around the S bend to hide, then swim back up later when the coast is clear.

Our toilet frog is Litoria dentata, or Bleating Tree Frog. We lived closely with them at Arcadia, when they would hop inside the bathroom and hide in the top rail of the shower screen. In the morning whoever was having the first shower would be greeted with an ear-slitting shriek as the shower door rolled along the track, and the offended frog hopped off. Now we have them in around the house where it is damp and cool, and in the barn bathroom.

Bleating Tree Frog

A well-meaning yoga student once captured the frog and took him outside away to the other end of the barn. She was liberating him! However as the yoga class continued we watched this determined little being hopping in fits and starts back to the bathroom door, and I saw a red-bellied black snake closing in. Oh the toilet bowl was a far superior place to be! Yes the frog made it safely, someone had to pop out and open the door just to be sure.

Litoria dentata or Bleating Tree Frog under an umbrella by the dam

Litoria dentata or Bleating Tree Frog under an umbrella by the dam

40 thoughts on “Frog in the Toilet

  1. I am still laughing at this whole scenario and the poor confused Yoga student…I must admit in SoCal this is not a common problem…but it sure would be a funny problem to have…thanks for the smiles.

  2. hey Christine sean here, Fiona’s partner looking at blogging instead of swamping facebook, for Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat; please might you let me know how you started this one and any simple tips or hints….? & the cost is ? happy frogs ( friend saw a green tree frog, in Cairns, ambush a small bat once and eat it too) sean


    • hi Sean .. it is easy … just go to WordPress and start a blog … free … choose a simple theme like twentyeleven … watch the help videos either there or on Youtube and you are away … then find the blogs that have a similar interest, contact them by writing comments on their blogs, they might start to follow you … ask me any questions and i will always try to help out! love, Christine x

  3. Aw that’s nice! Though I’m not sure I’d like to share a shower with one. I once went to sit in my chair swing in Tavira and it was inhabited by an enormous cricket. I never moved so fast in my life! I always look now before I go to sit down.

    • interesting how we each perceive things differently …her vision was of poor froggie trapped in the loo … his vision was more like ‘perfect safe place to live with occasional insects to eat and no snakes’ … mine was oh i love it that the frogs are here!

  4. They’re cute! We usually have one or two tree frogs who like to live above our back door during the summer months. The first person to open the back door gets a frog on their head. lol!

  5. It would take a little getting used to, finding a frog in my toilet, but then there’s something quite nice about the way a modern convenience keeps them safe and alive. Now if the snake ends up in the toilet, please don’t tell me! That’s a nightmare! 🙂

    • now you made me laugh … the snake would definitely not get in there! … but you are right, it takes a while to get used to sharing the convenience with an amphibian … especially for those who are not so familiar with them 😀

  6. I love your toilet frog 🙂 We happily share our house at Taylors Arm with the frogs. We have big green ones, small golden and smaller green with silver GT stripes. Mostly they live outside, and we keep the toilet seats down (neighbour had terrible experience with a big green frog getting stuck and dying in the plumbing…eeeewwh), but currently as it’s so dry, we’ve been getting froggy visitors in the inside bath 🙂

    • love to think of your frogs elladee … what wonderful colours … all different to our Bleating Treefrogs! we keep the toilet seat down too … they know how to hop up and under the seat .. amazing isn’t it?

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