Oh joy, a poultry show in town today! We do not keep chickens now, but in years past when we did our full “good life” hippy thing we had all kinds of hens, ducks, geese and other birds, not to mention goats and assorted animals. I so loved watching the hens moving through the orchard on the hunt for tasty worms and insects, their glorious tails held high, dipping and bobbing like sailing ships on the ocean. That was my daily meditation, the rhythmic movements of contented fowls, the proud strut of the over-seeing rooster. Here are twenty-one photos of gorgeous hens, roosters and pullets from the show in Moruya today.

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I knew if I left something out you would be wondering where your favourite was! Here is a picture from 1978, some of our chickens.


13 thoughts on “Chickens!

  1. My brother and I were in charge of two of the hens in the coop, and it was our greatest joy to collect the eggs each morning! I don’t think we quite grasped where it came from ๐Ÿ™‚ That last image is precious.

  2. Although living in the city, we had chickens growing up. A little while ago I came across some chickens like you show and was able to photograph them. They are wonderful to watch.


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