Bingie Dreaming Track: Budjarn Track

A lengthy process has finally resulted in a rich addition for the Bingie Dreaming Track. This new section is called the Bujdarn Track. Fortunately the beautiful informative signage was erected the weekend after we returned from our Kimberley trip. Local Walbunga woman Vikki Parsley designed the graphics, after having spent time with elders on the site, listening to them share memories and stories of when they were young and lived on the coast with their families. Their words are recorded on the signs, so visitors will ‘hear’ their voices and learn about the plants, birds and animals that live there.

Members of Bingie Resident’s Association, fondly known as BRA, were on hand with tools for joining the parts of the signs together and erecting them along the track, which borders Kellys Lake, running behind the sand dunes of Bingie Beach. While others worked I slipped closer to the lake to watch masses of Black Swans and other birds milling about. The lake was high after copious winter rains, and the birds seemed to enjoy it. A few hours of work in the sunshine, morning tea and then lunch made a very enjoyable day for humans too!

7 thoughts on “Bingie Dreaming Track: Budjarn Track

  1. I enjoy these type of local signs, but not as much as the G.O. who savours them… I am impatient to get on and see what else is around the corner. Looks like a lovely day, and of course, I appreciated the pic of the swans. Our locals have decamped, Sydney Park is under construction.

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