Paris Afternoon

Jardins des Plantes is the main botanical garden in Paris. It has many sections, but we visted only a few. Hot sunny weather brought people out in droves this afternoon, and many school and other groups were enjoying the gardens.

I was sorry we were too late for the bulbs, but there were poppies, and pansies, and lots of other flowers to add colour and provide food for the insects.

I liked the botanical garden best, where things looked wild, and it seemed many thousands of species flourished.

Plants like Echinacea, and thistle and lupin.

School groups laughed and played as they ate lunch or afternoon tea on the lawns outside one of the big conservatories.

Specialist plants had been included to encourage bees and butterflies, and homes for wild bees were included in the Jardin Ecologic.

Here we are with the pousette, looking useful! We found a path up to the Labyrinth, where a winding hedged track ends on a small hill with a pretty gazebo.Tunnels wound in all directions through the hedges, no doubt a favourite playing place for children.

Another butterfly posed for me on the way ….

to the Carousel, known as ‘Le Dodo Manege’ …. where children can ride on a triceratops, a dodo, and other extinct or endangered animals, to the gentle sounds of old carousel music.

Suitably charmed we retired to rest in the shade of an iris garden, lying on the green grass for a while before the wxalk home.

Tomorrow we have an early flight to Malaga, and the Andalucian adventure begins.


24 thoughts on “Paris Afternoon

  1. I got back from Paris this evening, but sadly had no time in the week to get to these delightful gardens 😦 a super series of shots. Enjoy your Andalucian Adventure and safe travels

  2. Nice to see all the pollinator-friendly flowers.

    My garden doesn’t quite look like that yet. Twenty more years, three dozen employees, six more acres and an orangerie should do the trick, though.

    • so glad to have along EllaDee, but hopefully you don’t have any sore bits after the long climb down the Secret Mine and back! It is a beautiful area, there is so much to share, and i have lots more wildflower photos already πŸ™‚

  3. How beautiful, Christine. Who wouldn’t find that garden intoxicating! Love it. And I really enjoyed seeing the happy “family portrait” on such a beautiful day. It’s fun to share your adventure. ox

    • never mind … I am struggling to see what is what anyway with the iPad and the apps … and it is hopeless trying to comment on anyone’s post, half the time I write a comment and then it is rejected for some reason … at least I can do posts!

  4. so lovely. thanks for taking the time to share your adventures. that carousel looks great! the flowers are beautiful, and how accommodating of the butterflies to pose for your camera! πŸ™‚

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