Paris Morning

Dawn light across the Seine, full moon over the city, a long awaited day.

After early morning cuddles and games with an eight month old, it was out for a walk to a local food market.

Commuters bustled along the boulevards, school children in small flocks being shepherded along, cars and bikes waiting their turns at the lights. The river as serene as ever, Hotel de Ville in the background.

We walked past La Bastille, gold glowing in the sunshine. Apparently there have been lots of rainy days so everyone is delighted to see the sun.

Cars tooted and pressed together in the streets, everyone hurrying to work.

Even the market was just beginning as we arrived, setting up in the chill of a narrow street. This was the only spot of sunshine!

We had decided to buy fish for dinner, and some sheep and goats cheese for lunch, with all our favourite vegetables of course. It is always surprising to travel to the other hemisphere and find food that is now out of season at home. Yum, berry time again!

Shopping complete we walked back, along the river bank, where a pair of ducks were guiding their ducklings towards the water. They had two long drops to negotiate, but with the male mallard leading the way, and the female encouraging the babies, they all made the first jump … here is the mum and youngsters at the final edge.

We were almost home when we looked along the Seine towards Pont Sully, and this lovely view of the cathedral Notre Dame, with Isle St Louis on the right.


15 thoughts on “Paris Morning

  1. It looks as if you’re well into Parisian life: the cuddle bit sounds especially inviting. The market looks almost as good as the Sage markets. I’m still not there – sitting in Zurich airport after a wonderful snooze for three hours in the day room. Two hours till my last flight.

  2. Christine, you can post pictures of Paris till the cows come home – PLEASE ! 🙂 Hope you’re having a totally wonderful time, and know you are.

  3. enjoyed this start to your journey…. those berries look scrumptious. the sights and views are lovely – and in the midst of it is that delightful story of the duck family too. loved it! 🙂

  4. Oh, my… Seafood fork and napkin are packed in my pockets. Je voudrais a split, cooked spider crab, please, trois abricots, and one of those cute little globular courgettes. Oh, and a seat beside some roses on the jardin élevé.

  5. The French know how to “do” foodmarkets – how wonderful – warmer climes and delicious (and HUGE) berries – are those raspberries in front of tomatoes?

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