Ronda, Andalucia

A cloudy morning turned into a glorious afternoon in Ronda today. We arrived at our hotel in the Old Town about midday, after a breathtaking drive over the mountains. It was all quite exciting, a strange rental car with left hand drive and manual gears, and a winding mountain road obviously very popular with motorcyclists! Temperatures dropped as we rose higher, and wildflowers bloomed along the edges … we had to find a few places to pull over for photos.



Then there was Ronda, a sparkling white town, with a glorious old centre, where will be for the next few days.

Crowds of daytripping tourists filled the streets in the middle of the day, but they had almost all gone by four o'clock.


A religious festival which seems to involve visiting a series of churches around the town took up most of the afternoon and evening, creating a colourful and not quite musical atmosphere! I will show more of spectacle in a later post.

We were guided by S's cousin and his partner who had already spent two days in Ronda, and showed us a beautiful walk around the edge of the town, where sheer cliffs drop away to the fertile valley below. I was attracted to the wildflowers, as well as the mountain views.

We will meet them again for a day in Seville next week…. but back to the flowers …




Thanks for coming along on the trip …. I am all out of words tonight but will have more on Ronda tomorrow.


25 thoughts on “Ronda, Andalucia

  1. I was very excited to see Ronda, Christine: my hero Plácido Domingo starred as Don José in “Carmen”, an absolutely wonderful movie of the opera, that had the soldiers’ barracks as one of the settings ! (your fourth shot) – and, I understand, a few of the others ‘sets’, too. Chic and I went to Spain; but only to Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona …

  2. The fourth photo has produced another moment when, after mildly reflecting on the “stylized” nature of centuries-old illustrations, I learn that the artists were simply drawing what they saw!

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