Mother and Child Reunion

Strong winds whipped up the seas again today, meaning the fishing boats could not catch enough fish to supply the island. Nor-westers wiped out the beaches on the lagoon side, but surfing, playing and fish-feeding was just fine on the lee side. I only took my swimmers, so no photos from the calm side today.

On the wild side I spent a little time at Settlement Beach, where two turtles were swimming in the high tide. Tomorrow we are booked on a Turtle Tour … so I hope to see them again while wearing my flippers and snorkle! I met a woman photographer I have bumped into a few times, and asked if she would like to share our stuffed zucchini for dinner …. she agreed gladly. We are fortunate to be staying at Mary Challis Cottages where Bill and Ginny have a big vegetable garden, so we have some fresh food. It turned out well because we found newly picked corn at the Co-Op, and combined that with some new potatoes Ginny had given us too. Stuart stopped by the roadside to pick Warrigal greens, or New Zealand spinach to you Jo! A sumptuous vegetarian feast ensued to our great delight, followed by another gorgeous sunset for dessert πŸ™‚

I hung around the village centre for a while, buying and sending postcards to the grandchildren, browsing one nice shop, and generally relaxing out of the wind. I had already tried to send my post but found it impossible, with one attempt after the other ending in failure. Stuart was doing his last art workshop of the trip, with five keen students back at Ginnies Shed. At last I headed back on my trusty bicycle, stopping only to see if mother white tern was with her chick … and I was in luck …. here they are together sitting on a low stubby branch of a Norfolk Island pine. Late in the afternoon on the way to an art exhibition opening at the Anchorage I sat on the museum steps (it was closed) and logged in, thrilled to find the upload speed was outrageously fast, so the troublesome post went in about ten minutes, compared with 30 minutes for the failed morning attempts … maybe this will be my new plan! I did manage to see my email this morning, many thanks for your wonderful comments, I am so glad to share Lord Howe with my blogging community, even if it is a bit one-sided until we get back to regular internet access on 15th December, when I am expecting to enjoy snow and winter with all my northern hemisphere friends.


11 thoughts on “Mother and Child Reunion

  1. It looks like baby tern is pleading with mummy for some attention! So glad you didn’t starve because the wind stopped fishing, it makes us aware of our dependency doesn’t it? I’m glad you have better internet access honey, enjoy week two πŸ™‚

  2. Swimming with the turtles! Sublime! This sounds like such a wonderful retreat of sorts, Christine. You do a wonderful job of describing your day in a way that makes me feel so pleased for you, while also wishing I could be right there with you! πŸ™‚ I loved that meal, too. Our summer veggies, of course, have gone by the wayside for a bit, but I could taste that zucchini! Lovely!

  3. PS – coincidentally, someone told me last weekend that the song ‘Mother and Child Reunion’ is about a chicken and egg sandwich – did you know that?! I didn’t πŸ™‚

  4. I am wondering if you and Stuart are making a pact of travel and experience on a rather frequent basis; I would so do that when the funds flow in to make it possible. This is wonderful.

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