Noddys at North Beach

Our turtle tour fell foul of the weather, which is still too rough for snorkeling. We did however try to snorkel over a wrecked boat in the lagoon near North Bay. Strong currents and surges created by huge seas spilling over the reef into the lagoon made the whole experience rather alarming, but I did get some photos of fish and corals as I was being swept past them. I quite like this black and white version of LHI Three-Striped Butterfly fish.

Walking amongst the sea birds on North Beach was the highlight of the day. The bay was more sheltered than the rest of the lagoon. Here you can see the waves breaking on the outer reef, and the glorious colours of the island in sunshine. Our glass bottomed boat is being tethered safely before the sea bird walk. Steve told us he had only done two trips in the last ten days due to rough weather.

This section of the island has only recently become a nesting site. High temperatures about 15 years ago burnt off some of the coral, which died and has been relaced by sea grass, which provides a perfect habitat for fish fry and crustaceans. Such small tasty dainties are ideal food for hatchlings, so the birds have moved in! Here are a couple of Brown Noddys engaging in courtship behaviour!

On the rocky foreshore at the end of the beach Black Noddys clustered with Sooty Terns to breed.

I would love to show you more, but it takes too long to upload here …. and today we are going walking on the southern end of the island …. after the markets, which only take place on the second Sunday of the month … a chance we cannot miss 🙂


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