Two Seconds

As part of the Art Trail week on Lord Howe I attended a photography class this morning. Two teachers gave their time for free, promoting the Photography Weeks they offer at Pinetrees during the year. Our focus was Drama … how to take a dramatic photograph! After a long talk and demonstration we all went to Blinky Beach, where drama abounds … with surf and surfers, Sooty Terns and young, windsock and red flags, and the incredible background of mountains rising 800 metres straight out of the ocean.

In a lucky moment I captured this photo of terns floating in the breeze before dropping into the tall grass to rest or feed their chick. Earlier I had been struggling to use the viewfinder instead of the screen; the inconvenience of wearing glasses meant the viewfinder caused my glasses to smudge …. so I had to find my way around this little problem. The beach light was glary, it was impossible to review photos for exposure, focus and composition, but I made a few adjustments to ISO, white balance and chose a fast shutter speed, and hoped for the best. After our two hour class we were invited back at 5pm, when we offer our photos for inspection. We had to choose our favourite photo, the teachers would choose their favourite photo from our card, then a winner would emerge from the day's efforts.

Later in the afternoon we walked down to Middle Beach, to explore the rock shelf exposed by the low tide. Like all the shoreline of the island it was remarkable, with rounded white rocks scattered along the beach, migratory birds feeding in the shallows, corals, anemones, sea slugs in remnant pools, and of course Sooty Terns nesting along the fringes of the cliffs. To the north stood a series of incredibly jagged rocks, certainly dramatic …. this was my other entry to the competition. You might just see water droplets falling from the dark rock at the top.

To my surprise three photos from eight entrants were chosen as second prize, or runners up …. and two of the three were mine! I felt it was a double honour to win two seconds for the day …. so here they are for your enjoyment.


16 thoughts on “Two Seconds

  1. Well,brava you! I know what you mean about working glasses-less through the view finder, though in truth I’ve found somehow I see better that way than using the screen … or is it that I never developed a habit of using the screen? You though seem to have succeeded brilliantly. πŸ™‚

  2. I hadn’t seen your prize winning announcement when I typed in the above remark. I was commenting on the blog itself. So I can truly say TO NO SURPRISE to me that you won awards with these photos. The ONLY surprise, actually, to me is that they weren’t FIRST place, which doesn’t count for anything anyway. Congrats and just keep seeing through that camera lens. We are blessed by you and how you see.

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