Gratitude Challenge

I have signed up for a 21 Day Gratitude Challenge through KindSpring. Twenty one days of appreciation! Each day the participants receive a prompt to help focus thoughts and ideas …. this is Day 1, the prompt is ‘Sufficiency’. Are you interested too?

in the sea breeze at Grey Rocks

in the sea breeze at Grey Rocks

This was in the email I received this morning …

True abundance does exist; it flows from sufficiency, in an experience of the beauty and wholeness of what is. – Lynne Twist

Day 1: What Do You Have Enough Of?

The Idea: Let’s kick-off this challenge with the introduction of a very special concept: “Sufficiency”. A state of being that is in touch with all the resources, both inner and outer, that we each have in any given moment. Sufficiency doesn’t mean living in denial or with an absence of aspiration. It just means that you are fully aware of what *is* in your life and that you are not blinded by the things you don’t have. Today, then, take some time to reflect on your places of sufficiency. List them down in your gratitude journal, or if you’re feeling artsy, create a collage of words or a drawing that captures all that you have enough of. As we learn to be attentive to all that we have, we discover true abundance. For more inspiration read this beautiful passage by Lynne Twist on The Surprising Truth of Sufficiency.

So I ask myself, what do I have enough of? Oh so very much … enough breath, enough light, and dark, and coolth and warmth, enough space, enough company and family and friendship, enough food and education, enough opportunity and challenge …. but I would like to tell you how grateful I am for the recent surgery on my jaw.

sheltering at Grey Rocks

sheltering at Grey Rocks

About eight years ago a molar cracked, just as we were leaving for three weeks in Bhutan, Nepal and India. The dentist put a band around it, and it was treated when we returned home. Somehow an infection in the tooth ran down into the gum and was subsequently isolated from the rest of the jaw by hard sclerosed bone encapsulating it. It looked like a small dark sphere on xray.  According to dental practice it was nothing to worry about, but my dentist is doing his PhD on bacteria in the jawbone, so he watched it carefully. I reported symptoms such as sore glands on the left side, and each time I had a cold it would go to my left sinus, ear, neck and so on. Still theoretically it could not be coming from the jaw infection. A year ago he removed the tooth behind the troublemaker and tried to drill into the sclerosed bone from that angle. Unfortunately there was no change on subsequent xrays, although it appeared the bone under the recent extraction was healing satisfactorily. This year I had a couple of strange minor epileptic seizures, and I noticed the ‘tooth’ was symptomatic again. My herbalist and I both decided it would have to go. Any infection so close to the brain could be making my brain oversensitive and reactive. Even while still undergoing all the medical tests I wrote to my dentist explaining what was happening, and he wrote straight back to say he would see me asap. I am sure he was glad the decision had been made.

watching the ocean at Grey Rocks

watching the ocean at Grey Rocks

To shorten a long story it all happened two weeks ago. Material removed from the bone has proven there were bacteria present in the biofilm. The dentist is writing a paper to inform his colleagues that this sclerosed bone, and the ‘soft’ bone that was actually found around it and under the previous extraction site, are not variations of normal bone (as is taught), they are actually infected bone and should be treated by debridement. Apparently the images of my test results will be in the paper. So I have had all the unhealthy bone removed back to healthy bleeding bone on all sides. Now the healthy bone is supplying blood and cells to the site and new healthy bone is growing back. When I saw the dentist to have my stitches out he was astonished at my healing! “Very advanced healing” he repeated several times … then “I did extract a tooth there!” in wonder. I use a homeopathic remedy called Traumeel to help healing of soft tissue damage. I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone with injuries or undergoing surgery. Of course the idea of homeopathy being useful is baffling to the dentist, but I have printed out a page with clinical trials to send to him, so he might understand it better then.


resting at Grey Rocks

I am enormously grateful for this surgery, for the opportunity to help my dentist’s research paper, for the chance to educate him about my homeopathic remedy that creates ‘very advanced healing’, for my herbalist who continually encouraged me to be aware of the effects of the infection, and for the health and strength that is returning to me. Truly I have enough health today! Join in the Gratitude Challenge to explore all that you are thankful for too.

All the images are from the recent Joy of Being retreat, women meditating in the breeze at Grey Rocks.

20 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge

  1. It’s a terrific idea to formalise our gratitude in one way or another, something I think about immediately I wake every morning. I’m so glad you’re feeling this way about your surgery, Christine, and all the people and issues related to it. Feeling this injection of ‘health’ must be amazing. Gorgeous shots of the women meditating on the rocks – that must have been amazing too!

  2. Yes it’s so wonderful to hear your good news story. You’re lucky you have such a wonderful dentist and wonderful herbalist in your life. I really like the idea of this challenge. One day I’ll have more time hopefully so I can then join in these little activities as well. For now I guess I’ll just enjoy reading about them.

  3. I’m so very happy this has all worked out well for you, and that you’ve been so beautifully able to express gratitude for it but as I read I found myself holding my breath. Anything to do with dentists freaks me out. That a cracked molar led to the issue with your jaw is incredible. At the same time, it does seems a plausible explantion for those seizures, and being now removed you can move on from that. It’s wonderful that you and the dentist have been able to exchange intelligence, his adding to the wider knowledge of dentistry and your homeopathic to his esoteric knowledge. It’s a great example for you to work with both herbalist and dentist for a positive plus outcome 🙂

  4. cara amica, ho letto molto attentamente queste tue parole che portano un grande messaggio per tutti, e bisogna fare attenzione di metterlo sempre in pratica, qui in Italia, si dice ” sapersi accontentare di quello che si ha” da tempo lo metto in pratica ed i risultati sono ottimi, al mattino mi sveglio sempre col sorriso, ed anche coloro che mi sono vicini riesco a farli essere più sereni, ho notato, però, che questo tipo di filosofia è più facile riscontrarla in persone che non hanno molto denaro dalla vita, chi neha molto spesso è troppo occupato a cercarne altro per capire!
    Soprattutto, dispiaciuta della disavventura che hai avuto per il dente, sono molto felice che ora stai bene! anche io credo molto nelle grandi possibilità che si hanno curandosi con l’omeopatia.
    Ti ringrazio di questo bellissimo post
    un grande abbraccio affettuoso

    dear friend, I read very carefully these your words that carry a great message for everyone, and be careful to put it in practice, here in Italy, it says “to make do with what you have” long been put into practice and the results are excellent, in the morning I wake up with a smile, and even those who are close to me I can make them be more sereneI noticed, though, that this kind of philosophy is easier to more destinations than in people who do not have much money from life, who very often is neha too busy to look for other things to see!
    Above all, sorry that you’ve had the misfortune to the tooth, I’m very happy that you are now well! I also believe a lot in the big possibility that you are treating themselves with homeopathy.
    I thank you for this wonderful post

  5. So glad you are healing! I don’t have any connection to homeopathic remedies here, but so strongly believe in them, family in Mexico have used them all the time. I am going to go check in on the gratitude challenge now. Stay well!

  6. Christine, sometimes I have trouble leaving a message, let’s see how this works. HOORAY!!! What a journey; Think I will copy this to a herbalist friend. Also have Tom read as he has some tooth surgery or extraction coming up soon. Love you. And oh! How I’d love to be one of the retreat women meditating on the rocks!!!!

  7. Great question!! What do I have enough of….will get back with the answer! I am in the midst of two writing courses, one with Janet Conner, which focuses quite a bit on this question, + the conditions of manifesting what I want to create in my life (like a trip to Australia) and ReStorying your life (without changing the facts) with Christine Baldwin……lots happening in both. Your photos charm me, absolutely charm me.

    I CAN’T GET ENOUGH of your photos! love, sue

  8. Love the beautiful and calming shots!
    So glad the infection is finally out of your system, and you are healing well. Yes, we have a lot to be grateful for. Thank you for this reminder Christine.

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