SSS is for Sourdough

Stuart was baking on Friday afternoon for the retreat, since the dinner menu was soup and bread before yoga, and fruit in agar agar for dessert afterwards. He makes his own sourdough, working from two ‘mothers’ which are fed regularly. Sourdough bread has many benefits; for example it is less likely than yeasted bread to produce a blood-sugar spike, is more readily digestible because the bacteria and yeast in the sourdough culture work to predigest the starches in the grains, gluten is more broken down and digestible, and sourdough bread has a natural preservative in acetic acid produced by the process. Not only all that but it smells and tastes delicious! Our favourite is a 100% rye bread that lasts for ages, remaining moist and fragrant for a week if we don’t demolish it before then.

Our weekly bread is not always baked in the wood-fired pizza oven, but the retreat bread was! Toast is even more delicious with the aroma of wood smoke exciting the edge of your palate. Why don’t you try a sourdough loaf next time you get the chance, and then it is only a few easy steps to making your own.

Thanks to Frizz for his SSS challenge …. hop on over and join in the fun, you will LOVE Simon’s Cat, and don’t miss surfers, or stillettos, or shoes. I would love to see what you come up with for the letter S!

14 thoughts on “SSS is for Sourdough

  1. You know I live in the area for the home of sourdough bread, here in San Francisco. I love it toasted. How wonderful to have wood-fired bread! That sounds absolutely delicious.
    Thanks for the link to my surfer dudes 🙂

  2. I’ve just been reading the ‘Air’ section in Michael Pollan’s Cooked. As with the rest of the book the science and technique behind sourdough bread making is making seem a little less daunting than it was.
    SSS might be for sourdough but for Stuart’s sourdough I’d say mmm mmm mmm 😉

  3. ho sentito il profumo del tuo pane fino qui!
    sai anche noi abbiamo un forno a legna dove quando siamo liberi dal lavoro e da altri molti impegni( non tanto spesso quindi 😦 ) cuociamo il pane fatto con il lievito madre, come dici tu e una buonissima schiacciata tipica toscana che si può fare aggiungendo sopra olio extra vergine e sale, oppure uva fragola e zucchero…tutto questo mi ha fatto venire un certo appetito, visto che qui sono le ore 7,30 del mattino e che non ho ancora fatto colazione

    I felt the scent of your bread up here!
    you know we have a wood-fired oven where when we are free from work and from other many commitments (not so often then:-() bake the bread made with yeast, as you say and a very typical Tuscan schiacciata which you can do by adding on extra virgin olive oil and salt, or uva fragola and grape sugar … all this made me a certain appetitebecause here are the hours of 7.30 am and that I haven’t had breakfast

    • oh yes Debra, the woodfired oven has cooked bread and pizza for ten years now … it needs resealing but still does an amazing job, like the old village bakeries! I remember when we were in Crete in 1979 with three little boys, we tracked the bakery down by aroma … winding through the little streets of the village until we found it!

  4. I can smell it from here Christine. We are lucky to have a bakers very close to us and they make a white and a brown sourdough, my favourite is when its a couple of days old and used for toast 🙂

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