Lines and Patterns

After the storm that swept our beach clean during the week, water continued to flow through the lagoon opening into the sea. I was captivated by the fascinating patterns and lines created by the continual movement of water over sand and around rocks, by the tiny fish swimming upstream towards the safety of the lagoon, by the little bits of debris still being washed out of the usually closed system. Click on any image to see them better, the patterns are wonderful!

Thank you to Weekly Photo Challenge for From Lines to Patterns, and to Ailsa for Travel Theme: Through

41 thoughts on “Lines and Patterns

  1. Just perfect, Christine! Isn’t it exciting to see nature flexing its muscles and re-shaping itself like that? I’m so looking forward to becoming intimately acquainted with my new patch of paradise and watching its changing moods – but in the meantime, I’m on my way back through your posts to catch up with your place … Yes, I’m connected to the world again!

    • hurray! I was thinking only yesterday while walking on the beach that I missed you! So glad to hear you are connected … and we will soon be enjoying your lovely new paradise on-line πŸ˜€

  2. What exquisite patterns. I think you probably noted the designs in the sand before you new the title of the challenge. The color of the sand is really pretty, too. It reminds me of frothy milk chocolate in those little pools! πŸ™‚

  3. Your photographic interests are so close to mine. My obsession with beach patterns followed my obsession with bark and rock faces and preceded my obsession with rock pools, shells and beach pebbles. The patterns on your beach are different to those on mine, although they are geographically close. I like your titles, especially “cone diamonds” and I like the way you combine your log and photothemes. I look forward to sharing more of what your eye sees.

    If you’re interested you can see a few of my beach patterns on my home-blog, soon to be resumed. I am in fact home and about to reacquaint myself with my beach.

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