White-faced Heron

I played on the beach for hours yesterday with my granddaughter. The little stream of water still flowing from the lagoon to the ocean was a constant source of delight. Watching us, a white-faced heron gradually moved closer and closer, intent on her own fishing business.

White-faced Heron

White-faced Heron



Fishing was good …. tide was low, she was no doubt eating the little fish who were trying to enter the lagoon while it was open. Small fry swim upstream to grow fat in the safe lagoon, before going out to sea to mate when they are mature. However nature supplies plenty of little fish, knowing they all have their purpose! We were busy with very serious water play, in the stream. The bird appears in this photo too, a tiny mark just above Eddy’s elbow, on the distant rock.


21 thoughts on “White-faced Heron

    • it is astonishing what she knows … I often wonder how she could … but good parents and a curious child who is listened to could be part of it! We are all so fortunate to have this precious environment πŸ™‚

  1. Wonderful that the day graced you with such lovely weather, and good companions. Herons are a favourite of mine, they seem so calm, and at one with their place in the world, and if disturbed they only fly calmly off just as far as they need to regain their space.

    • I can tell you are an old hand at watching herons! Yesterday was a bonanza at the beach with my old friends the Pied Oystercatchers and the little Red-capped Dotterels … photos coming soon πŸ˜€

  2. la natura ti offre generosamente le sue meraviglie e tu con grande abilitΓ  sai fermerle nel tempo per farle ammirare anche a noi
    grazie cara Cristina, mi hai fatto molto viaggiare stasera
    un bacetto alla tua bella nipotina

    nature generously offers you its wonders and you know fermerle with great skill in time to see us
    thanks dear Cristina, I’ve done much traveling tonight
    a little Kiss to your beautiful granddaughter

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