Moorhen Chicks

Look what we found amongst the lotus this afternoon!

Dusky Moorhen chick

We are so excited to see six chicks, after we had so wrongly presumed that Mr Moorhen had been deserted by his mate. Not deserted indeed, she was nesting in complete privacy amongst the reeds surrounding the dam. Only two days ago I saw both adults swimming together on the big dam, and I was pleased she had ‘come back’. Now the secret is out, and six little chicks are keeping the adults busy! Aren’t they gorgeous with their red heads, bare wing-tips and huge grey feet?

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You can read about the adults when they first got together here

both adults were busy feeding their young titbits

21 thoughts on “Moorhen Chicks

  1. How wonderful it is they have selected your home terrain for raising their brood. The youngsters are so colorful, but they look like they are made out of spare parts from chickens, turkeys, and cranes with those big feet. I’m looking forward to seeing them grow as you post photos here.

    • a marvelous chance to have them here, so if they can raise some of those young they may stay …. we have created a rich environment deliberately to attract birds …so great to see them enjoying it ….. they are funny looking chicks …very distinctive, lol!!

  2. If ever there was an “aarrrr” moment, that is it. I have to look twice at this post as those birds are just like our Eurasian or European version of Moorhen. It would come as a shock had they have been as its way too early for chicks in the UK, although not improbable.

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell

    • hello tony! sorry to set you puzzling, but yes, our DownUnder Dusky Moorhens are in their breeding season … first time we have had them here so we are learning as we watch … just five chicks surviving today but all seem strong and active … wild weather for them today with gale force winds, rain, heat and predicted thunderstorms so fingers crossed .. we dont even know if these parents have raised chicks before .. it all remains to be seen …thanks for making contact, christine

  3. Christine, all your photos are “never-before-seen” by me in my world This one warms my heart to see these woodhens launching their tender brood. I hope there are no predators anywhere near!
    Thanks for video!

    • dear barb, so glad to delight you … and yes we hope there are no predators nearby … maybe foxes and raptors …not sure what else might take them … fingers crossed for success .. although there are only five babies today, so one has been lost overnight 😦

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