Moorhen Update

It is four weeks today since the baby chicks appeared on the dam, with both their parents protecting and feeding them. Last week one of the adults vanished, hopefully just into a nest to raise a second brood. Apparently this is quite common, although to my uneducated eyes the first chicks seemed rather small and vulnerable. These earlier young will help to raise the second brood if that is what eventuates. Another loss this week, we are now down to three chicks, so the eels are getting fat. The remaining adult has been busy constructing more safe platforms for his chicks to stand on, safe from attacks either from below or from the bank of the dam. Now it has become obvious that one chick is much larger than the other two …. I wonder why? Just better at rushing for the food? This weeks photos with captions … stop the slideshow to read them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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19 thoughts on “Moorhen Update

  1. Those big feet are incredible. They will support each of the chicks well as they walk on the lily pads. I’ll bet the hen will show up with a second brood in about four weeks. Thanks for posting the updates!

  2. I like this chronicle of the moorhens:)

    Re the slideshow: is this a feature of wordpress?? (I haven’t been able to find it……….) Or, is it an embed from Flickr or something like that? Thanks for any info…………..

    • hello MM, it is a wordpress slideshow … i find it when adding media, select the images (either singly or all at once), add the captions by clicking on Show next to each image, then at the end click save all changes …then it asks you which order you want them in (only 2 choices, from the top or bottom) and you have to choose Gallery or Slideshow. I think this will help you

      • Thank you!! This is so timely — sychronous — as I wanted to prepare a “meditation” slide show & didn’t know if I could do it in wp. I guess I can though! Appreciate the help.

  3. Oh wow! Not that is a sight to see! They are gorgeous and your captured them so beautifully! Thanks so much for sharing this beauty. 🙂

    • Not = now … your = you ….. sorry for any spelling mistakes. I type too fast and have to learn to read again before I press the “post comment” button and keep forgetting that we can’t correct typo’s. LOL!

  4. I love moorehens I took lots of pics of baby moorehens on the Great Ouse when I was in Buckingham a few month ago – they certainly are noisy. Mum was not too far away from them whilst they were grubbing on the river bank. BTW thank you for stopping by my blog and taking time to leave a comment also.

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