Life is Change

Our lagoon is actually an ICOLL, an intermittently closed and open lake or lagoon. During my beach walk today I was admiring the new opening to the sea, gouged out in recent weeks by a series of heavy storms, big seas, and consistent rain. We have only been watching “Stinky Creek” for 20 odd years, and it never ceases to amaze us. New creative channels are made with each big rain or storm event, these gradually fill with sand over time, and the lagoon closes again.

Mullimburra Lagoon, open to the sea

When the sea rushes in it brings the eggs of many species, especially silver bream and mullet. These fish hatch and grow in the relative safety of the quiet lagoon, and escape back to the sea at the first opportunity when they are ready. When the cycle of change fails, and the lagoon is blocked, through drought for example, the water can become anaerobic, and the fish all cluster together at the sea end, gasping and pushing, hoping for release. Death follows, unless kindly neighbours gather them into buckets and rush them across the sand to the waves. We have joined in this miserable task a few times.

This time when the storms and tides combined to open the lagoon, great colonies of cungevoi were ripped up from the rock pools around the Point. The grey cunjie was washed into the lagoon, and all along the beach, where it began to rot. Pied oyster catchers and seagulls feasted, but then the smell set in, and the lagoon water turned a slimy grey. Oxygen levels were very low last weekend, it seemed the lagoon was closing up. However a massive rain event pushed the smelly water out, the big full moon tides brought the sea in and out, and today it all looks pristine again.

Isn’t that like life? Things seem pretty good on the surface, then comes the storm of change, the tides that alter the landscape and reshape our perceptions and understandings. Phew, better that than becoming smelly and running out of oxygen, or should I say prana.

In yoga we consciously draw prana in with the breath, bringing in the new, and we let the old, thoughts, feelings, patterns, pains, all the old stuff, we let it flow out with the out breath. Some Buddhists imagine it like smoke, so they bring in the light with the inhalation, and let go of the rubbish with the exhalation. See it flow away like smoke from a fire.

Change is a constant, even in relationships. We each need to be with others who support our journey, with those who trust and affirm us, so when relationships lose goodwill, we must let them go too. The cycle of change keeps us fresh, alive, rich and productive in our interactions. Dont be afraid to let go when you have to, make room for the new in your life, open to the sea when the season is right, let the fresh currents flow in, and all the blessings they bring.

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