Attention Span

Vesta and Ceres

Image above artist’s impression of asteroids Vesta on left, and Ceres on right with spacecraft Dawn

In todays astrology blog Len Wallick wrote:

…..attention can be given or paid. Giving will mean that we are aware, possessed of our being and acting consciously. Attention given is an independent act that reflects a simultaneous sense of being alive and in connection to a larger whole. We empower others and ourselves equally when we give our attention. It is really the only thing we always have that we can always share.

Paying attention is more a matter of duress. When our awareness and presence are demanded, and when we acquiesce to that, we surrender what we are and what we can share and receive nothing in exchange. Independence, equality and balance are lost as the egos of those with power over imagine themselves to be the larger whole.

via Attention Span – Ceres Returns To Pisces | Astrology Blog, Monthly Horoscopes, Weekly Horoscopes, Daily Astrology, Zodiac Sign Descriptions, Planet Waves, Eric Francis.

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