’tis the season

Red-necked Wallaby and Joey

Red-necked Wallaby and Joey

While I am on the subject of mothers and babies, here is another one. This Red-necked Wallaby and her joey were enjoying the later afternoon light on the grass outside the yoga barn. I was inside, preparing for the retreat weekend, but had already got my camera, thanks to the Swamp Wallaby eating mulberries right outside the door. Interesting that this one does not consider the fallen mulberries or the low foliage of the tree food at all.



The paths had been freshly mown ready for our guests …. this one leads to the timber tent where one lucky person gets to stay, amongst the casuarinas. During the retreat two women were at the beach early on Sunday morning when they saw an unusual commotion in the bay. One was in the water, the other on the beach. They came back reporting two dorsal fins, large, moving fast, but not like a shark, more like a large dophin. Further internet investigation revealed they had seen a mother Orca (Killer Whale) and her calf! The Humpback Whales are still passing, heading south with their young, so the Killer Whales are here to prey on them, looking for any weak youngsters. It is unusual to see them here. Later that morning the same Orcas were seen off Tuross beach, heading south after the Humpbacks.

Orca adult and calf

15 thoughts on “’tis the season

  1. It’s so difficult for me to equate those gorgeous streamlined creatures as implacable killers of baby humpbacks (!), but what a fantastic sighting it must have been for your guests. I must say, it seems Dadirri has it all. Everything’s looking beautiful, Christine. It must have been terrific, lodging in the tent at the end of the casuraina pathway. It really seems like Spring with the Joeys – what cuddly (well fed!) wallabies you have. Shame they don’t like fallen berries. πŸ™‚

    • no, they are very wary Angeline, probably like a deer would be … they would have been hunted for many thousands of years so they like to keep their distance πŸ™‚

  2. What a bonus for the retreat participants to have a close but not too close encounter with a mother Orca and calf πŸ™‚ I guess like people, wallabies have food preferences, or maybe the Swamp Wallaby just developed a taste for that particular local (to her) food from an early age.

    • yes it was really exciting for those women, and all of us …. and that Swampy is just a fast learner, although she may have eaten the lower leaves last year, this is the first year of abundant fruit (in fact even the bower birds have not found it yet)!

  3. Those women must have been so excited! I know the orcas have to eat but I’m glad they didn’t near to Dadirri. The wallaby is cute as well. I just had to check where Exmouth is, I didn’t know you had one but it’s a long way from you, unlike mine 10 miles down the road!

    • yes Gilly, our Exmouth is on the opposite side of the country! I will be seeing yours next year though, have booked flights, so will be in England sometime in June, flying home 26th I think:)

  4. immagini da restare incantati! le madri e i cuccioli sempre le piΓΉ belle foto parlano di speranza in un mondo migliore
    grazie cara Cristina

    images to be enchanted! mothers and puppies always the nicest photos speak of hope in a better world
    thanks dear Cristina

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