Overflowing with Gratitude

So many wonderful blogging friends have rewarded me kindly with awards this year. First I want to acknowledge each one of them, and thank each one right here in dadirridreaming! Fortunately I found the post I started writing a month ago, but still there are more people to thank. Rois gave dadirridreaming two awards, ABC and One Lovely Blog; Gracie Sam also sent the ABC award, Francine offered the 7×7 Link Award, Louise of TheSacredCave so kindly awarded a Versatile Blogger, and just today MindMindful passed on a Top Recent Commenter award.

Awards are iffy things, it is fun and encouraging to receive an award, but sometimes it distracts from the real purpose of the blog … however the life we share in the blogosphere is vital and real and fun is good… so here we go with these awards, this time!

Top Recent Commenter Award

Forgive me for starting with the latest one … the Top Recent Commenter Award: Here are the rules

Thank the person who nominated you.

Nominate 6 bloggers who comment on your blog the most frequently and notify them of the award. (You can find your Top Recent Commenters on your site stats page on the bottom, right corner.)

Nominate one more person…the 7th. This person can either be a brand new commenter on your blog, the very last comment you have received, or the one who has posted your most favorite comments. Tell us why you have chosen them as your seventh.

And answer the 7 questions.

  1. Tell about one of your most cherished childhood memories. we were holidaying in the outback where the red dust is as fine as flour, so when mixed with a little water it made perfect cakes that we children could bake on a pile of bricks
  2. Tell about one of the most cherished memories with your child(ren), pets, nieces, etc. nothing like those new baby memories … such sweet tiny babes … so perfect and miraculous
  3. Tell one thing you’ve learnt from a parent, or both, that has stuck with you. my father loved photography and bought me my first camera when i was six
  4. Tell one thing that you’ve taught or intend to teach to your child(ren) that will stick with them. hopefully the value of  doing what they love in life, living truly
  5. Tell about your favorite job, & why you enjoy(ed) it.  that must be teaching yoga, i learn as much or more than i teach, with the most beautiful appreciative people, a perfect job constantly rewarding!
  6. Tell what you are doing in pursuit of achieving an attainable goal. my goal of breaking through the illusion that i am a separate self … i question myself … who is this who is asking?
  7. Tell about one person who had the best influence on you in your life. my husband of 40+ years, a wise and wonderful person who is happy to live with someone who is always changing 🙂

So, now I am supposed to nominate six bloggers, top recent commenters on my blog.

My six top commenters are: Gilly Gee, Francine Gassette, Barb Hoffman, Sonel, Jake, and Claire at Promenade Plantings. My seventh is Sue Hajec, my earliest encourager! Enjoy the award everyone!

In the next few days I will pass on the other awards too, and try to fulfill their requirements … have a wonderful day!

13 thoughts on “Overflowing with Gratitude

  1. You’re doing a great job handling, and keeping track of your awards, Christine. I hope I can live up to your example when I post mine. 🙂 Congrats and a big pat on the back for you, Dear. 🙂

  2. Thank you for being #7. Do I just answer those questions in my Blog? I treasure reading yours. I think you have nominated me for two others — I haven’t been able to get the award stamp onto my blog?

  3. First, congrats on your latest awards. They are certainly well deserved. 🙂 Next, I am in awe of you! I’m so far behind that I am beginning to doubt that I will ever get it straightened out. 😦 Third, I enjoy your blog and look forward to your postings. Superb! 🙂

  4. Congrats hon and well deserved. We sure do comment a lot, don’t we? LOL!
    Thanks for the award as well sweetie. I will add your name to the one I already have. You are just so sweet. 🙂 *big hugs*

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! Your blog is so wonderful, you deserve all the awards you get. I was on a trip for a couple of days and now I am even more behind in posting the ones I received than before. Thank you for the acknowledgement, and I hope I get caught up by the end of the week.


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