Crinum Lily

The extra rain we have enjoyed this year has suited our Crinum lilies, they are flowering abundantly.

Here is a close up of the flower … so lets back off for an overview ….

and now you can see the lilies in the misty moist morning light, halfway down towards the water lily ponds and dams. Luckily wallabies don’t find them tasty! These large lilies are a valued habitat for frogs, who nestle down in small pockets of moisture at the base of the leaves.

Isn’t nature marvelous! Can you imagine this wild delicate beauty coming to flower in your life, could you allow such fragile tenderness to spring forth from your heart? What kind of habitat might that create? Somewhere for love, generosity, compassion, imagination to dwell? Awesome!

10 thoughts on “Crinum Lily

  1. Nature IS marvelous! Even these fragile lilies know “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”
    King James Bible

    • and we love it when it is their season to flower … although all the year they are doing their own glorious thing standing tall and providing homes and getting along with their neighbours!

  2. Beautiful., and yes nature is marvellous. I’ve seen toads creating burrows in pots of geraniums, they know it’s a bit damp, and lovely and cool under there :). I love the photo of the misty morning .

  3. It`s Really great I love this kind of flowers ,I love to catch orchids in the mountain
    when i`m so young, Thanks for reminding me that moment 🙂

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