Dadirri, aboriginal spirituality

Aboriginal elders meet to talk about their connection with the land, their spirituality. Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Bauman speaks about dadirri, “dadirri is being a part of nature, of this universe, of being in rhythm with the seasons, of knowing what is happening and what has to be done, of being connected with family and friends, ….. dadirri is finding a sense of rebirth and renewal in nature … dadirri is lightening of the heart after feeling heavy

I am very grateful to pebblemouse for sending me this video he made recently. The elders say that those who are damaging the land are not listening to them as they speak of their spiritual connection with the land. I pray that the miners, the developers, the business interests will begin to hear the voices of the elders, because we must look after and protect our land, our country. In Australia we are enjoying the prosperity of a mining boom, but at what cost? What will remain when the minerals have been ripped from the land? We must listen to the elders who can clearly hear the voice of country.

2 thoughts on “Dadirri, aboriginal spirituality

  1. I love your thoughts on this issue. We seem to be so caught up in making money from what we find in the earth–same problems in the U.S. as you are having. We need to value and listen to the elders who are connected with nature. I love your comment: “What will remain when the minerals have been ripped from the land?” A sad thought, and one that needs much more attention.

    • nice to connect with you nancy! i enjoy your blog and we share those earth-centered values 🙂 there will be much healing needed when the tide turns for the earth and her people

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