Eastern Rosella

While we were in Canberra on the weekend for the opening of our friend Kerry Johns new exhibition, we went walking with the grandchildren. Our granddaughter spotted the Eastern Rosellas in a big gum tree, in the shade of course. Nevertheless I tried to capture a decent picture, and Thomas helped me, enjoying playing with the zoom lens.

eastern rosella in the shade

The others walked on, then I watched the rosellas fly down to the ground where they searched for grass seed. At last they were in the sun, but further away …. so here is a brighter image for you.

Eastern Rosella in the sun

Then I had to run to catch them up in the Watson Woodlands. This link is to the North Canberra group responsible for fighting to save the Yellow Box woodlands from housing development … it can be done!

When I was growing up the most popular biscuit manufacturer Arnotts used the Eastern Rosella as their logo …. so it became one of Australia’s famous birds.

Wishing you all a bright and glorious day, full of colour and joy like this beautiful bird!

17 thoughts on “Eastern Rosella

  1. How stunning!!!!! So I still wonder: “How many birds am I going to see thru the lens of Christine in Australia — that you see all different breeds is like marvelously JOYFUL to me.
    This is a BRIGHT AND GLORIOUS DAY, beginning with this bird present in my morning meditation! And to think, no rest in the truth, that we, too, come from the loving Creative Source who made this (WHO – Whole & Holy One) bird! Wow, it’s sacred.
    I also wonder: Does this bird sit with the Kuccoborro (sp??) who also sits in the old gum tree, that we encourage to laugh, in the song ditty?

    • thank you dear sue, i will keep looking for new birds to share :D, and yes, you often see the kookaburra and the rosella in the same tree so you can sing along!

    • so glad you looked at kerry’s work, we bought one called “clouded”, you can see it on the gallery website (the link on new exhibition above), she is a very hard-working and mature artist 🙂

    • we are so blessed with colourful birds here, just as well we appreciate them most of the time …maybe not so much when the king parrots are eating the bananas in the trees!

  2. The are also here in New Zealand. I am near Wellington and a friend has a small holding, They fly around there and sometimes sit on her lawn. Love your photos

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