Fête de la Musique in the Marais

Midsummer's Eve is celebrated throughout France with music! The Fête de la Musique consists of free concerts and events, but most popularly music in the streets. We wandered around St Paul and the Marais after dinner, catching the last rays of sunshine, and some joyful vibrant music.

There was cool jazz in Village St Paul, with a choir in the next courtyard …

singing sweetly to those gathered around, and diners at their tables nearby.

St Antoine was crowded with young and old, many carrying drinks, strolling from one music group to the next. We crossed over and dived deeper into the Marais.

People danced in this little square, to songs like Rolling down the River, and Back in the USSR,

everyone cheering, calling, singing along, and having a great time! Around the next corner we could hear a brass band …

and another lively crowd, phones in air filming it all …

So much energy and fun, we walked on, with others filling the streets so that the occasional vehicle had to creep along and hope eventually to get by …

diners made the most of the music festival …

happy faces where everywhere!

This was one of several crowd singalongs we enjoyed … where someone handed out music and words to willing singers, and someone else conducted!

A French Madrigal group needed specialist listeners, it was almost comical, but just a little strange for us ….

so we continued into Place des Vosges where the arched building fronts created inviting spaces for groups of all kinds….

while others like these drummers sat on the pavement against the park in the centre of the Place.

Now we were tired and turned for home, a B&B in St Paul. It was a long day, with breakfast on a beach in Brittany, two trains back to Paris, then via the Metro to the Marais, dinner with our son, all before going out to enjoy the music. I hope you have also enjoyed the Solstice, whether it is Winter or Summer, it is a turning point in the year and worth celebrating.

Bon Soir from Paris!


29 thoughts on “Fête de la Musique in the Marais

  1. what a fun filled day Christine. I celebrated the winter solstice by planting garlic for the first time…now it is just a wait for our summer solstice

  2. Such a lovely way to celebrate midsummer. There’s something evolved about the European way that I love – effortless and unselfconscious. Lovely photos, Christine. (And considering it’s mid-winter here and I’ve yet to use the winter linen, I’d say there’s rather strange things afoot with the weather).

  3. Thanks for sharing your solstice. I didn’t stir – laid up with a cold, and slept the significance away. I’m waiting to hear how Meg celebrated in Bingie. I won’t be sorry to see the northern days shorten: I don’t have the stamina to utilise them fully!

    • I think you are further north than us, but we went to bed well before midnight yesterday, unlike others … there is quite a bit of broken glass on the streets this morning … cant believe we will be home in five days!

  4. I was strolling and singing along, Christine 🙂
    I’ve booked flights for August but I can’t make up my mind where to stay! The Marais is a serious contender, but I’m also toying with Montparnasse.

    • I can only speak for the Marais which is fab, and handy for getting to anywhere else … we are in a wonderful little place here, just two minutes from the Seine and Isle St Louis, one minute from the Metro … tiny but luxurious … let me know if you want details …https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2466348 … one small problem, our clothes are trapped inside the washing machine which is brand new but refuses to proceed or open!

  5. Well, I had fun! I was smiling as if I were actually there. What a vivid post, Christine. You manage to make it come alive with your narrative too. I chuckled at the sight of the French madrigal singers. And, I really chuckled at your description of the need for “specialized’ listeners. What a wonderful description. Only a writer would think of that. 🙂

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