Breton Specialities

We have been treated to delicious Breton specialities during our short stay here in Larmor-Plage, near Lorient in Bretagne. Our friend Claire had ordered galettes from her favourite shop with which to prepare dinner on Friday evening.

These photos above show the gallettes being made at a market in Lorient. Crêpes and gallettes are a favourite local food, eaten with sweet or savoury fillings.

This is one of the gallettes we ate, being heated in the frying pan. Buckwheat flour is used to make them, but they are light, thin and delicious.

We chose chèvre, tomato and onion as our filling, oh yes, the others also included an egg! When everything is warm you simply fold the edges in …

can you see how the egg is barely cooked, sitting in the centre of this one?

Here they are on the little kitchen table, ready for our feast … and when the cheese was brought out for afters I simply had no more room, maybe due to all the sheep's milk Roquefort I had enjoyed with my drink of local cider before dinner.


14 thoughts on “Breton Specialities

  1. They are not an elegant looking meal on the plate, but I’m sure they make up for it in taste. Not too sure about that egg, I would have to flip the lot over to brown it. Galettes look better than the pale coloured wraps we have here. 🙂

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