French Rail Strike

The disputes in France are not over, but it seems most trains are running. This protest took place in Rennes outside the station, with flares, music, BBQ smoke and speakers last Tuesday. We were already on our bus to Mont St Michel when the ruckus started, but I had managed to snap this image as we boarding our bus.

This cheerful woman with her SNCF vest had whisked us through the station, outside and onto the bus in few minutes, making sure our journey was not interrupted by the strike action. We wondered what would happen yesterday when we once more travelled from Rennes, this time west to Lorient.

Everything was calm and orderly at the station, no protest group outside, but all the support still in place inside. We could have enjoyed coffee, tea or cool drinks courtesy of SNCF, but there were no crowds waiting for trains, it was business as usual for almost everyone. They had told us they were operating at 85%. The calm scene above is the opposite of what we found on Tuesday when a huge crowd was spilling out from the ticket office and our helper whisked us away!

Easy to find information listed trains so that passengers could see if their train was still running,

and all those cheerful red-vested helpers had hardly a thing to do! Even so we have been advised that only two TGV trains have gone from Lorient to Paris in the last week, so we have to go to the station later today to find out about travel times for tomorrow.

So if you are worried about the state of the railways in France, just relax, check with infolignes, or simply turn up at your station and speak to one of the helpers.


10 thoughts on “French Rail Strike

  1. Not what you want on holiday, but then again the French are ALWAYS striking – if not the trains it will be the air traffic controllers! Good luck with Paris 🙂

  2. The workers exercising their rights… there was a ferry workers strike during Vivid. Much protest from the government but not the people, as the workers’ strike involved only not collecting fares 🙂

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