Putting on the Ritz!

A once in a lifetime experience! Our London friend could not meet us today, so she surprised us with tickets for dinner and a show. We collected our tickets and walked down Picadilly to the Ritz, where Stuart was suitably dressed by the cloakroom attendant, so that he had a jacket and tie in which to dine.

The glamour could be rather overwhelming, but it is all beautifully done, very relaxed, and it works. We met a Japanese bride being photographed at the entry, other guests arriving for afternoon tea or dinner, plus of course those people staying there. The ladies cloakroom was all pink and cushy!

Having been appropriately dressed we simply waited in comfort for the dining room to open, then joined other early 'pre-theatre' diners choosing from a limited menu.

Have you ever sat in a dining room like this one?

The menu was well balanced,

with good choices for people like me with dietary restrictions …

Moet champagne was part of the arrangement …

and the food was excellent!

Even the butter was special, marked with an R, and delicious!

We were tickled pink by all that spoiling, and we did appreciate it as a piece of theatre, with staff in their uniforms and us dressed up for our parts too, with mirrors hiding the exits and kitchens so that it was all a fantasy world, of gilt and silver, fine manners and silks, another world all of its own. We enjoyed how the waiters played their roles, and were genuinely charming and pleased when we were pleased, a fine evening indeed.


18 thoughts on “Putting on the Ritz!

  1. What a wonderful experience. I love it that you were ‘dressed’ at the cloakroom. In the olden days you’d be shown the door, but as you said, it was all part of the theatrical experience. Moet too. The opulence is astounding, the swirling colours on the dining room ceiling looked like it should have cherubs with harps and swirling lioncloths! In the ladies room I loved how one fellow in the bulrushes has his eyes discreetly closed and the other his back turned! I could go on and on. And pea soup delivered as art in itself. Thanks for sharing Christine. πŸ™‚

  2. From Bingie to the Ritz! I love the contrasts, although food quality and presentation are absolutely on a par: Bingie might even have the edge. Dining in splendour is a feast for many senses – what a gift. I like the idea that you can be suitably dressed by the cloakroom attendant. And you look as if you drink MoΓ«t as a matter of course!

  3. Fabulous! Glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚
    A few years ago I had “tea at the Ritz” with my lady friends as a birthday celebration and it really was special. The surroundings are sumptuous, aren’t they?

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