St Michael’s Mount

Summer weather was the feature of the day, perfect for our outing to the tidal island known as St Michael's Mount. We had planned to walk out but missed the tide and had to go out by boat, as loads of school children were being brought in to shore. They were all excited, saying how cool and amazing their visit had been.

Our boat had a learner pilot, so we were grounded in the shallow water briefly until his instructor got us off!

We chose to walk through the garden first, a completely different garden full of surprises, built on the rocky cliffside around the castle.

Paths meandered along, winding up and down, leading us to sheltered benches where we could soak up more summer sunshine, or watch bumble bees in the succulents.

This was not a typical soft English garden, but rocky, exposed and adapted to harsh conditions.

A small pod of dolphins swam by as we sat enjoying the view …

and the insects who were feeding on the plants … we could hear birdsong below us in the trees down near water levelbut there were no birds among the succulents.

Later we climbed up a steep cobbled road to the castle, the official residence of Lord St Levan. It was a hermitage from the 11th C, and gradually evolved into a castle, to learn more see the link above.

There are lots of canons, no wonder those children were excited!

Spaces inside were rather small, but each room was lavishly decorated and very attractive, displaying treasures, heraldry, fine weapons and armour, and all the sorts of things you might like to see in the castle.

There were Fabulous views all around, over Penzance and surrounding villages along the coastline. We found our way through the church, where Archangel Michael is defeating the Devil …

and gradually made our way back down to water level, past more canons, to catch a boat back to the shore …

after a very relaxed and marvellous day with our friends Suze and Steve.


21 thoughts on “St Michael’s Mount

  1. Another special day, I’m so pleased! Great photos of the garden. I remember. The boat across but nothing else so I’ll just have to go again. Hope the drive has been ok. Enjoy London Gx

  2. It’s very romantic, isn’t it – well, in summer time! I love the lichen’d stone and those cascades of pink in the garden, a reminder of the Gulf Stream sweeping by – it really does seem like a different country. So glad the sun shone for you. πŸ™‚

  3. What a wonder, Christine! This will at least be among my favorite of the spots you’ve introduced me to, my friend! The landscape is gorgeous with all that beautiful lavender color, and the structure itself is just fascinating. What a marvelous day you surely had. I really loved it. πŸ™‚

  4. Parts of the architecture of Saint Michael’s Mount remind me of Mont Saint Michel on the Normandy coast of France. Love to hear what your comparisons are after you visit the French abbey dedicated to Saint Michael.

    • we are looking forward to comparing them too …. it was the strange chance of visiting friends in both locations that made such a visit possible πŸ™‚

  5. Always, always wanted to visit this one! Reminiscent of Lindisfarne but bigger. Lovely pics, Christine. I’ve caught you up, for now. Jude next. I could loose a day just visiting but I’m woefully home and the food shop/housework beckons. Haven’t started posting yet. Tomorrow for 6WS I expect. Still disoriented πŸ™‚

  6. You had a lovely day for visiting the island. I love this part of Cornwall, and the garden looks delightful. I look forward to seeing how Mont St Michel compares.

    • Hi Jude, I just published the Mont Saint-Michel post, very tired tonight but we had a great day … I think we both preferred the experience of St Michaels Mount in Cornwall, but this was quite awesome!

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