Flowers and Showers

We are learning why England is that “green and pleasant land” …. all this rain! On Sunday morning we went walking on a cycle path beside the Exe Estuary, hoping to find water glimpses and bird life. Swarms of cyclists in red and black whooshed past us, dog walkers of all kinds, human and canine kinds that is, but there was nowhere we could see over the tall timber fences that separated us from the water's edge. So I photographed flowers as we wandered back for breakfast.

Buttercups, Daisies, Forget-Me-Nots and Red Campion.

If we had bikes we could have whooshed along to Exmouth in no time!

Gilly came to meet us at 10am, and whisked us off in a sudden downpour, taking Stuart to an organic food farm that distributes boxes of food throughout the country. It was an inspiring visit!

Next stop was Dartington Hall at Totnes, graceful buildings in beautifully landscaped gardens, used now for functions, summer schools and so on.

Swathes of green, herbaceous borders, wildflower fields, huge shadey trees form a restful park, where if the grass were not wet I would have loved to sit down!

Stuart went off to to draw an old oak tree, while Gilly took me to see a few hidden gems, like this cottage …

and its associated gardens …. but lets bid a quick farewell to Dartington for now, and move on to Coleton Fishacre, where the rain returned. Approaching along narrow lanes we watched as cars left in a stream, we or they ducking into the hedges to allow each other to pass. At least it would not be crowded, we thought! So we had a wonderful time inspecting the house, a quirky gem we enjoyed immensely … then we had afternoon tea, and the rain stopped, so it was time for the garden …

Strolling through a grand English garden is a total joy, even when the plants a freshly rain-washed … hope you enjoy it too … much more to share on this very long day when I get a chance!


27 thoughts on “Flowers and Showers

    • so much more to share of course, but I simply had to make a start … we were so tired after absorbing things all day we had a very light tea and went to bed!

  1. Nothing like the English country garden – nothing at all. You have had more than your share of glorious blooming places, Chrsitine, eh ? πŸ˜€ But then, it’s the right time of year for it !

  2. I loved the photos of your travels in Spain and Paris but the English gardens and flowers are the ones that make my heart sing. I can’t help it; they are in my genetic make-up I think. πŸ™‚

  3. So many special photos in this lot. The daisies leaning over the roadway; that orange and yellow spectacle; the stripey pink ones hidden amongst leaves; the blue ones foregrounded; the ones growing from rock – why not just say all of them??

  4. Have only been to England once for vacation….it rained the first day and then stayed sunny and warm for two weeks…I was told that was quite rare for the time of year…ah but made for some great photos. πŸ™‚

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