On Dartmoor with Gilly

Having survived a few traumas yesterday we were in for a real treat today! After an early morning trip,up the Glastonbury Tor we drove into Exeter to meet my blogging friend Gilly Gee. Due to poor wifi I will only try to send one photo … of us walking up on Dartmoor. Here are Gilly and I in a stone circle …

and hopefully tomorrow I might find better connectivity and send a few more! Actually lost wifi when trying to post this … but here we are all refreshed and back on line this morning.


23 thoughts on “On Dartmoor with Gilly

  1. ben ritrovata amica Cristina, lieta di conoscere anche Gilly…vi auguro una buona continuazione del viaggio e una lieta domenica!
    ben found her friend Cristina, pleased to know also Gilly … I wish you a good continuation of the trip and a happy Sunday!

  2. Nice to still see you here……not blogging for a good while, but have been to Glastonbury and surrounds many moons ago…….lovely alive Presence……..peace peace peace….with hugs! kai

  3. Blogging connections are wonderful as I can attest from my relationship with you. It’s interesting to see that Internet connections aren’t only troublesome on our south coast: mine in Prague is not state of the art. Continue enjoying England and let traumas fade.

    For me, two more sleeps, then Warsaw!

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