Walk around Bérchules

This morning we drove from Granada, around the huge snow-capped Sierra Nevada, to the small mountain town of Bérchules. We whizzed along an AutoVia, then wound slowly on an old road, astonished at how high on the slope of the mountains, Los Alpujarras, fruit and nut trees were planted.

This is Bérchules from the lower road, a white town nestled into the folds of the hills. Our hotel is just at the entry to the town, so once we were settled we set off to walk uphill though the tiny streets.

This water fountain is the place for walkers to fill their drink bottles, sweet mountain water! Two dogs met us here, both shaggy and friendly, and their English owner asked us where we were from … the dogs only greet foreigners, never Spanish people … how about that?

All along the wall separating the town from the hillside we could see cherry trees, with beautiful red fruit … later we tasted some sweet ones. In fact everywhere we looked we saw edible plants, figs, grapes, chestnuts, pecans, almonds and apricots, peaches and plums. The whole hillside was a food forest!

We found a bench near a fountain where we could eat our picnic lunch, accompanied by a hopeful cat and dog, on the lookout for crumbs. Then we walked on, always having to choose between roads that went up or down … there is very little level ground in Bérchules.

On a high point near some small arable plots of land we found a good sketching spot, with a lovely view over the rooftops. Can you see how the roofs are made of slate, with a clay covering to keep them dry?

It was obviously washing day here, with colourful clothing drying at almost every house.

Soon we had climbed above the town, and followed a rough track in the general direction of our hotel. Now I had wildflowers and insects to enjoy.

Euphorbia I think …

a butterfly …

wild roses …

a giant old chestnut tree …

a bumble bee ….

and something bright yellow and delicate …

until gradually we began to see down into the adjoining town of Alicante, and we knew we were almost back at the hotel … a little scrambling, a few burrs in our socks, and we made it back in time for a cup of tea.

Here is Hotel Bérchules at beginning of the town. To see more walks pop across to Jo's blog and catch her Monday Walks!


19 thoughts on “Walk around Bérchules

  1. Wow, what a lovely surprise, Christine 🙂 Thank you so much for the link. This looks very much like your sort of place. Wonderful that you could share it with me.

  2. You’ve caught a bee. That’s an achievement. I’m enjoying your rambles in countryside: a relief from my mainly city wanderings.
    Interesting about dogs. My Warsaw companion is a dog magnet in Australia, but Polish dogs wouldn’t go near him. However, they did make approaches to me, which Australian dogs never do. Figure that out!

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