Tuna Musicians Granada

While we were eating tomato salad, sheeps cheese, tortilla and paella tonight in a small ordinary little place, a group of students came in with musical instruments. They were glad to receive a drink and a snack, and we wondered if we might hear some music in exchange.

With three guitars, two mandolins and a tambourine to accompany their fantastic voices we had a real treat! Here they are singing Cielito Lindo, you will remember the part that goes “aye aye yi yi!”

Young women flocked around them too, and one with a Fiesta sash danced and conducted …. (there was a fiesta in Granada today, which meant the road where we had to park was closed off by police… delaying us for several hours …but c'est la vie, it was a Romany religious festival moving a statue of the local Mary image)

Anyway, as we were leaving one young man came outside in the rain to talk to us, explaining they continuing a tradition from the 15th and 16th centuries when students performed this music to earn tuition money … now they do it for fun, to meet others and keep the music alive. A tuna is a group of university students dressed traditionally and playing traditional music … Check it out at Tuna music. … or go to www.tunacienciasgranda.es …. of course we now have their CD 🙂 Whoops I am not much good at this iPad stuff, but you will get it I hope!



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