All the Fun of the Feria

It was a half-day holiday today in Cordoba … because of the Feria. During our guided tour this morning our guide told us that it is a highlight of the year, indeed her niece was coming all the way from Madrid to dress up and take part in the Fair. At last we knew why wonderful horse drawn carriages were appearing in the streets, and women were clad in stunning classic costumes! So as soon as we were finished in the mezquita, we headed over the river to the fair.

It was full of clever eating pavilions, each one very individual, blasting out loud music with men touting for business at the entries. It looked as though tonight would see a very big party! Children and grandparents were leaving, having experienced all the rides and special treats … and streams of people were making their way in by foot and taxi to party on into the evening. I wish I could make a side show but I cant do it in blogsy … so just enjoy the pics if you can!

Aren't they all fabulous? I must admit I would not like to have to walk far in high heels and a very tight skirt, but these girls and women are loving it! To learn about this event check out Feria de Cordoba

Equestrian events are a highlight, so it was thrilling to see all the different people on horseback, and driving sulkies, carts and carriages. They obviously enjoyed it so much that they went for a spin through the town every so often to show off!


16 thoughts on “All the Fun of the Feria

  1. What huge fun, Christine … I’m so glad I’m not Spanish: the thought of even trying on one of those slinky dresses makes me quail [grin] Particularly love the brassy blonde at the end, looking most put out about summat … ;-D

  2. When I was little my grandparents’ china cabinet held, amongst many many other delights, 2 Spanish dancer figurines in ruffled dresses – endlessly fascinating to a 5 year old. And that same 5 year old loved loved loved these pics ๐Ÿ™‚

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