Plaza de Espana, Seville

A large area of Seville was developed into parks and this grand exhibition building in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929.

The water views were welcome on a hot afternoon, here looking towards the South Tower, where we found a little shade. Isn't this balustrading fabulous?

The plaza itself was cordoned off because they were setting up for an 'event religioso' but we were able to walk around the vast semicircular building.

Small tiled benches enclose each tiled display of the cities or regions of Spain that were represented at the Exposition, for example here is the Toledo display.

Bridges cross the river as it arcs around the square ….

and rowboats are for hire for the energetic and romantic!

Of course there were wonderful tiles …. and decorative elements everywhere …

and it was good to see the flags are still flying!


18 thoughts on “Plaza de Espana, Seville

  1. Strangely deserted, after the mayhem at the cathedral! I remember this place – well, I mostly remember the blissful siesta I had on the grass one sweltering day – in such deep shade I woke almost chilly! The tile work is just stunning, isn’t it – so rich and varied. I wonder whether they’ve still got craftsmen who can work to this standard today?

    • It will be seething when the ‘event religioso’ takes place …. Seville has religious event posters for different groups all over the place! We think the cathedral,mayhem is caused by a famous statue/icon called La Macarena being on display this week …

    • also … on the tiles … S remembers his father had some Spanish tilers working for him and they did fantastic work …. so hope they still do!

  2. It’s an amazing area, isn’t it, Christine? You have some truly delightful shots. It was still needing renovation when I was there so no water or rowing boats. That balustrade though- what can compete with that? 🙂

  3. The green pilasters (if that’s what they are) are a bit startling after all the blue tiles. I especially like the photo which includes everything: the building, the water, the balustrades zig-zagging and then the tiles. Oh your eye for composition and detail!

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