Fountains and Tiles

The royal lion at the entry gate of the Alcazar …. and these patterns are from the Courtyard of the Maidens ..

of course these are only a small sample of the marvellous Mudejar tile work which must have been endlessly fascinating to the palace residents … and below is a timber decorative panel on a door …

The fanciful patterns in tiles below are from one of the huge salons …

and then we are outside again, with a close up of a fish head on the Neptune fountain, which features a very gay Neptune and his trident ….

and tiles on a little summer house and pool … (more lions) ….


I can't help thinking of all that royal wealth, yes, pillaged from the Americas, paying the best craftspeople to produce this fine work …. at least we can come and see it today …. and those artists made a living … life goes around and around does't it?

San Fiacre the patron of the Gardens …. he does does look sweet … he was Irish, but lived in France, and had a special gift for gardening, particularly for medicinal herbs, vegetables …. but he has become the patron saint of gardening …. someone you might like to chat to if you problems with your plants ๐Ÿ™‚

and finally to the fountains in the Jardin del Marques de la Vega Inclan ….

each one bubbling slowly, and some connected by a waterway, so trickling water ran around their little tiled troughs ….

others standing quietly in the centre of their square, marking their places like chessmen …

with beautiful tiled benches to encourage sitting and contemplation …




so I hope you feeling cool and refreshed whereever you are …. or if you are cold you might like to imagine this warm Spanish garden … have a wonderful day!

13 thoughts on “Fountains and Tiles

  1. You have some beautiful captures here, Christine ๐Ÿ™‚ I forget how lovely some of these tiles are. The peace and tranquility of those trickling fountains is wonderful.

  2. I saw, a couple of years ago, a FASCINATING TV doco on Alcazar and its water, Christine – how it was all constructed and how gravity runs it. I was totally rivetted by it ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I didn’t wait for tiles and fountains in vain! I suspect those patterns were a good aid to meditation, just running your eyes over repetition and colour. My special favourite however was the small fountain surrounded by flowers. Tiled benches sound very inviting. I’m a bit obsessed with finding somewhere pleasant to sit and stare when I need a break from being an ambulance tourist. I found a park bench looking at a medieval wall this morning.

  4. I wish we still paid, and celebrated, artists and craftspeople to decorate our buildings and streets like this. It seems now to be about money, architects, “style” of the moment, prestige – all of which I guess it was then too but then it was also beautiful. Now, except in a few areas, if someone paints something amazing or wise (for free) on a wall, it is quickly rectified to a blank wall. Makes me think of Hyacinth Bucket efforts in Keeping up Apperances “I want you to instruct your superiors that this is a first class stamp residence…”

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