Wildflowers along the Trail

Yesterday (Friday) we walked along the coast from Barbate towards Los Canos. Pristine beaches, shining blue green sea, fresh cool breeze and hot sun …. perfect! I found pink flowers in the sand by the beach …

and they recurred along the coastal track …. we wound up and up towards the highest cliffs, on stony ground, surrounded by Pinus pinea, the Stone Pine … you know, the one from which pine nuts are harvested.

We wondered about lack of Stone Pine plantations in Australia, and soon decided they would be pointless, as our clever cockatoos would always get the harvest before we humans.

There were not many walkers, but they were usually couples, enjoying the sunshine with bare chests or light singlets, glowing with perspiration, swinging their water bottles as they strode along. The languages that floated to our ears were predominately German and Spanish …. some couples looked as if they had been swimming too.

This is the coastline where the Battle of Trafalgar took place, in the narrow strait between Spain and Morocco. We reached a lookout with a seat, where visitors can sit and gaze over the quiet blue sea, pondering the destruction of battles long ago. Cape Trafalgar is close to Los Canos, just a little past Torre del Tajo where we ate our lunch in the dense shade of Stone Pines and then turned back. Apparently the tower was used defensively to prevent attacks from pirates hundreds of yearso ago.

We had some companions on the downhill trek, butterflies! You wont see a photo of the big yellow ones who were simply too fast and flighty, or the white ones they were chasing … but I did find a peaceful and cooperative black butterfly.

S spotted a spectacular pink flower hiding in dense foliage …

but my favourite were the brilliant intense blues …

and the masses of yellow pea bush …

and other yellow beauties with little faces …

but there were delicate mauves as well (oh dear yes, just a bit of rubbish too!) …

and we were soon almost back to Barbate …

The promised wifi in our Seville apartment is not working, so posts may be delayed!


20 thoughts on “Wildflowers along the Trail

  1. Such a lovely walk, thank you. The views are breathtaking and your photos are beautiful. I really liked the photo of the flowering plant thriving in the sand.

  2. How can we identify all these wonderful flowers? It seems almost disrespectful not to know their names – but then I think of the two suitors in “Eucalyptus”. Did the namer or the storyteller get things most right??

    • I though people might be interested in that … because we were into permaculture we planted loads of useful species, but the cockatoos got all the nuts before we did!

  3. What a wonderful walk and blue flowers too. Maybe you could put up of your journey, I’m enjoying all your posts. I want to go to Cadiz even more now!

    • I have more of cadiz to share, some street scenes and a great model sailing ship exhibition, with the Santa Ana, the Victory and other famous ships ๐Ÿ™‚

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