Jerez is the sherry capitol of Spain, and the English word derives from the name Jeriz. Although we did not visit a vineyard I did taste some dry sherry, or Manzanilla while sitting on a rooftop terrace in Vejer.

Now we are right in the centre of Seville, a few steps from the Plaza de Toros where there will be a big event today. No we did not buy tickets, but there is no escaping the Spanish fervour for bullfighting around here. There used to be bullfighting in the south of France, but it has all ended now after continual efforts by Animal Rights groups. It is hard to imagine Spain without toreadors and matadors and the horned bull, but the day will surely come.


21 thoughts on “Sherry

  1. What a wonderful photo! I love reflections anyway, but I especially like the upside down image of the building through the Manzanilla, and then the twisted reflection just through the glass. I’m off to Zagreb today. Where next for you?

    • your trip is such a fairytale, and places completely unknown to me … we are in Seville, very close to the bull ring, so it might be noisy here today, and crowded!

    • lovely to hear from you Aunty Uta, we are glad to be out of the country during the awful budget kerfuffle … it would be nice to come home to some positive changes in the government … but that will take some time … thanks for your posts on Henry George xx

  2. But the French didn’t KILL their bulls, Christine ! – never ! It’s only the Spaniards who had/have this lust for animal blood that they call love of the nobility of the contest.

    • oh gosh, if only you were right … there were about a thousand people queued up to get into the cathedral, which does not open for about an hour … and the Alcazar where we were was packed with tour groups and others!

  3. could you imagine bullfighting coming to an end? i certainly will not be shedding any tears when that day comes. but for many it would mean their world being turned upside down, just like in the reflections in that glass!

    • I certainly cant imagine it Chris, there is such a fervor for it here … a little overwhelming with stuffed bulls heads everywhere around Seville, religious icons and the museum of the inquisition … such passionate people!

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