First Day in Seville

Just outside the door to our apartment there is a famous eatery, where of course we found some lunch yesterday afternoon. The walls are decorated with huge bull's heads and the whole place is a celebration of bullfighting, being almost next door to Seville's Plaza de Toros. Of course they offered us bull's tail stew but we stuck with prawns …

Maybe Saturday afternoon is the really big lunch day for Spaniards, there were crowds everywhere, happily eating and drinking, or promenading. We were keeping an eye put for a food market, and found one by the Isabel II bridge …. view from the bridge below.

There were beautiful tiled towers at the end of the bridge, which turned out to be on the Castillo de San Jorge, which houses the Museum of the Inquistion.

Every direction offered new tiled images to enjoy …

often of some version of Mary or the Divine Feminine as celebrated by local culture …

We strolled alond with the happy crowds, although by now lugging a little fruit and vegetables, and leter some bread and pastries ….

until it was time to return to the apartment for baby reasons … which gave us a chance to climb all the stairs to our top terrace and enjoy the view over the rooftops to the Cathedral and Giralda Tower.

In the other direction I saw these lovely roof decorations ….

Later we went put again with the crowds, who were eating dinner at 10pm in the Spanish way …. there was a big religious event forming up, but we did not wait for it to kick off, which may have even been midnight! There are some evening photos I will share later. …. all in all it looks as though we will enjoy Seville.


11 thoughts on “First Day in Seville

    • sadly I can’t eat red meat due to tick induced allergy … life threatening 😦 luckily I can still eat fish and poultry …and yes we will get the Plaza de Espana …we were almost there this afternoon and baby needed to go home 🙂

  1. Re what we were talking about yesterday, Christine … the Inquisition is another example of it, don’t you think ? Only in Spain …

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