Wildflowers around Vejer 1

Starting at the beach, and Tarifa, I found pigface, at least that is what we call it at home in Australia … yellow above and more common purple below …

then at the harbour in Tarifa there were flowers in the pavement …

and along the fence lines …. but we drove out to walk along the rocky heights and I could hardly take. step,without stopping to snap another flower … and most of them contained hungry insects …

yellows …

prickly purples … and further down the road to Baelo we just had to pull over for the Queen Anne's Lace and others …

I kept seeing more flowers of different kinds …. it was like magic!

This one looks like a petunia ..

and they seemed to be arranged in the most attractive ways …

it really made me wonder if someone had sprinkled seed …

this red was hard to find until we were in the roman ruins of Baelo, then it was abundant … each to her own!

and these glorious daisies adorned the long ago shopping precinct … think of the struggle some gardeners have in getting them to thrive in a rockery ….

and this cheerful succulent cascaded through the old stonework all by itself!

11 thoughts on “Wildflowers around Vejer 1

  1. I like the way flowers are growing in seemingly inhospitable places. My favourite are the yellow flowers in a field of grasses against the rocky background. I notice your fingers in one – a Brett Whitely touch; I’ve been getting better photos since I’ve been finger-aiding the angle.

  2. I think I love best the amazing proliferation between the paving stones – astonishing ! Delightful ! 😀 But they all are, of course.

  3. My favorite the wildflowers pushing through the cracks in the pavement. All beautiful flowers but I can feel the force of nature in that one in particular!

    • well spotted Ruth, nature has a real force here (I have recently become fascinated with the idea that our word real comes from the Spanish royal, spelt real!) …the fancy garden in the windmill park just looked wimpy after seeing the wildflowers 🙂

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