Cadiz Cathedral Details

We parked at the edge of the city, caught a Number 1 bus to just inside the gate of the old city, and started walking. The very grand cathedral of Santa Cruz de Cadiz was built in the 18th C when Spain was a world power. Money pouring in from the conquistadors helped to finance the lavish structure and fine treasures housed there. Our first view of the cathedral was of the roof and towers, clearly depicting the differences in style over almost a century of building.

This is just a modest side aisle ….. and here is the crypt ….

It was all a bit overwhelming for me, so I found my focus in the small things like angels …

He has rather grand wings don't you think, and certainly looks like an action man!

This one only has the responsibility of a very small light and appears quite relaxed ….

and this delicate marble seashell would look so much prettier with a fanciful cherub or two …. something I soon discovered had been thought of already ….

and just one more beauty for good measure … then we can sigh and depart …. back into the bright sunlight and bustle of Cadiz.



12 thoughts on “Cadiz Cathedral Details

  1. Stunning photos, and such a different palette from the fountain post. Your big picture photos are rippers too, but your individuality emerges in the details you choose to focus on, given a choice of so many. Your photographic eye is really attuned to stuff so different from Bingie!

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