Ronda Walks

Maybe that should be 'wanders', since that is what we did today. Firstly through the Cuidad, the old city, just loving the narrow streets, white houses, flowers in the windows, brass door knockers, and historic Moorish ornaments.

I also took lots of photos inside the Church of Santa Maria de la Encarnacion, le Mayor, including a fascinating display about Mary of the Light ( see street name above)…. will post that another day.

Oranges are used here as street trees, beautifully shaped of course, but this one was just in someone's garden.

A close up of Moorish roof decoration ….

and being a Leo I always notice lion door knockers, of which there were a few,

We revisited the ancient gates, part of structure dated sometime before 1000 AD, which was partially destroyed in the 15th C when invading Christians from the north finally conquered the Moors. Now the church of Espiritu Santo stands on the ruins of a mosque, having been built at the end of the 15th C. as an expression of victory. I liked the symbol of the Holy Spirit, the dove, which I hope may come to mean peace between religious groups, rather than war between them.


One last peep at the Alcazaba, the fortress and gates that controlled all entry to the Moorish settlement from the 11th C …. an impenetrable defense for this fabulous hill town.

Part two to come … down to the valley amongst the wildflowers.


17 thoughts on “Ronda Walks

    • these villages do have a homey feel, beauty all around, nothing jarring or ugly, I could settle right in, but then of course I would eventually remember our beach!

  1. So very pretty, I love the little details, especially the blue pot! And so much history, I wonder how different it would be if the Christians hadn’t conquered.

    • what a thought! somehow it is still all a mixture isn’t it, especially down here in the south …. old festivals were just given different names and a bit of gloss to make them look like the new religions … I do wonder about things like the dark ages, and the Inquisition though … i guess they could happen again especially with our current OZ government 😦

  2. So much beauty. So you are a Leo too…I seem to remember that being mentioned before. One day I would love to find that special lion doorknocker for my house.

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