Looking Forwards, Looking Back

Marianne’s Conejos Blanco post this month is a view from opposite directions …. something I do every now and then, especially when walking on the beach.

looking north

looking north

Early morning on the beach, pink light, no footprints. It looks heavenly doesn’t it? It was entrancing in every direction, one of those days I was glad I had the camera.

looking south

looking south

Just our footprints in this direction, but spare a glance for the clouds!

Would you like to hop across to visit two blogs I have been following recently? There is Lynn at bluebrightly who says “It’s a phenomenal world we live in. I deeply appreciate it, even on cranky days, and I invite you to wander through it with me.” Her current post is about Joshua Tree N.P., excellent photography and sparse poetic words to awaken your senses. Dive in!

Another photographer I love is Sheila of Imagery of Light. I am linking you to Pink and White Dream, a recent post that made my heart sing. Truly I hear music and feel incredibly stirred or lifted or calmed by her artistic work. Just images, a blog that makes no demands on the reader, but gives beauty in spades.


29 thoughts on “Looking Forwards, Looking Back

  1. Glorious photos, Christine ! – and yes, I did notice the clouds. My late husband, a professional stillsman, adored clouds and what they offered him:-)

  2. I think this has to be one of my favourite places, an empty beach – any empty beach. And the early morning light and cool or late afternoon remnants of sun warmth and dying light makes the walk along a beach even more pleasant.

  3. Lovely photos, Christine – I’ve often started to look behind me since I got more interested in photography – it’s amazing how lovely the views can be sometimes 🙂

    I’ll go and have a look at your two links now ….. thanks for sharing!

  4. I always try to remember to look in all directions, including up and down, there is so much to see with our eyes wide open. I like the tow blogs you linked 🙂

  5. I love the palette of these photos, and the footsteps add a lovely comment on the theme.

    What an appropriate challenge as we both embark on a trip to the other side of the world. Being with my daughter and our twins provokes a lot of memory, as we look back on two generations of childhood. Also a lot of anticipation, as we consider Maja and Janek’s future as Polish citizens and inhabitants of a techno-world, so different from my familiar one, in so many ways.

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